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Ukraine’s War Against Russian Aggression: Zelensky’s Decision to Change Generals and International Lawsuit Update & Conflict with China

For some time, it has been an indisputable fact that Ukraine’s war against Russian aggression has encountered difficulties from all aspects, including the right time, place, people and people. In the freezing cold year of 2024, Ukraine’s internal and external difficulties seem to be changing.

Zelensky decides to change generals

First, a Reuters report on February 3 quoted two sources as saying: The Ukrainian government has informed the White House of the United States that the Kiev authorities plan to fire Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces responsible for overseeing Ukraine’s anti-Russian war. This shows that the conflict between Ukrainian President Zelensky and the top military commander Zaluzny is quite fierce, and they have reached the solution of “expulsion”.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive last year failed to recapture much of the territory occupied by Russia. Afterwards, rumors spread that Zaluzny had conflicts with Ukrainian President Zelensky on many issues. Reuters reported that a source close to Zelensky’s office said that the two men were arguing over a new wave of military mobilization. Zelensky opposed Zaluzny’s proposal to recruit 500,000 new troops, saying that Ukraine The army already has enough personnel and can be used more efficiently.

However, the same source also said that the process of removing Zaluzny as commander-in-chief of the armed forces is currently on hold as the two sides are discussing the next direction, and it is unclear how long the process will take.

What is the White House’s position on Ukraine’s removal of Zaluzny? According to another source who requested anonymity, the White House’s response was that we do not support or oppose their (referring to Ukraine) sovereign decisions. What the White House is saying: It’s up to Ukraine to make its own sovereign decisions about who it appoints.

But according to a source close to Zelensky’s office, U.S. officials told Ukraine that they have no objection to Zaluzny’s removal and that the U.S. has no problem with Ukraine firing him.

Zaluzny, known as the “Iron General”, is said to be a popular figure, and his replacement may damage the morale of the Ukrainian army that is fighting Russia. Many Western and Ukrainian media previously reported that Zaluzny rejected Zelensky’s request for him to resign this week.

Perhaps, the plan to replace Zaluzny may still be delayed for a certain period of time, but once implemented, it will show that Ukraine hopes to adopt new methods to continue the war against Russia.

Difficult future for international lawsuits

Another piece of news on February 2 was related to Ukraine’s international legal status: The United Nations’ highest judicial organ, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), made several different decisions on the Russia-Ukraine war on the 2nd: First, it will hear a case related to the crime of genocide. In this case, the Kiev authorities requested the hospital to declare that Ukraine had not committed genocide in eastern Ukraine, and Russia used this as a reason to send troops to attack Ukraine. Ukraine filed this lawsuit with the International Court of Justice just days after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Two years later, the judges of the International Court of Justice only ruled on February 2 that the International Court of Justice has the authority to hear a small part of the original case. As for Ukraine’s request to rule on whether Russia’s invasion violated the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Genocide Convention), the judge rejected it.

Instead, the 16-judge panel said they would later rule on whether Ukraine committed genocide in the eastern Ukrainian states of Donetsk and Luhansk, currently occupied by Russia.

According to Reuters: Uzbek representative Anton Korynevych told reporters at the International Court of Justice that Russia falsely accused Ukraine of committing genocide and that Uzbekistan did not commit these fabricated massacres. The court will discuss this dispute. Making a ruling is crucial.

He also said that it is also important that the emergency order issued by the International Court of Justice in March 2022, ordering Russia to immediately cease military operations in Ukraine, remains in effect.

Although the ICJ’s ruling is final and legally binding, it is not enforceable, and some countries such as Russia have ignored the ICJ’s ruling in the past.

Blacklist offends China

China is widely seen as an ally of Russia’s Kremlin, while Ukraine has been careful to avoid angering China during its war with Russia and has repeatedly called on Beijing to join Kiev in diplomatic efforts to seek peace. But when Ukraine listed 48 companies around the world as “financiers of international wars” and accused them of indirectly assisting or promoting Russia’s aggression, it could no longer maintain its superficial harmony with China, because China demanded that the dozen Chinese companies on the list be immediately The delisting hopes that Ukraine can “eliminate the negative impact” that may otherwise damage bilateral relations.

China has the largest number of companies on Ukraine’s blacklist, with 14 companies; followed by the United States with 8 companies, France and Germany with 4 companies each.

Ukraine’s blacklist has no legal impact on listed companies.

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