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Ukraine’s Counteroffensive vs Russia: End of American Hegemony

Ukrainian servicemen prepare the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger mobile air defense missile system during their combat shift, outside Kiev, Ukraine, June 16, 2023. Photo/REUTERS/Anna Voitenko

KIEV – The next few weeks will see Ukraine’s counteroffensive “end itself”, according to former International Monetary Fund (IMF) economist and Bank of America strategist David Woo.

Woo said he was “incredibly impressed” by the fact that, “Russia’s military technology literally revolutionizes every three months. Russia continues to learn from their mistakes.”

Russia is now fighting a war with weapons they didn’t have 18 months ago because they didn’t exist 18 months ago. And that to me is the most impressive thing, while the West is still walking in the same circles, Russia is getting better and better, and this war will be won by technology in the end,” said the former IMF economist.

He explained, “Even though the Ukrainians are good fighters, the Russians will destroy them in the end.”

According to Woo, “If Russia destroys Ukraine, that will be the end of American hegemony, as we know it.”

Ukraine’s counteroffensive began on June 4 after months of delays due to a shortage of military supplies from Western donors.

Russian President Vladimir Putin last month underlined that Ukraine’s counter-offensive, which he said has claimed the lives of “tens of thousands” of Ukrainian servicemen, has been fruitless.

“Neither the colossal resources pumped into the Kiev regime, nor the Western supply of weapons, tanks, artillery, armored vehicles and missiles helped. The sending of thousands of foreign mercenaries and advisers who were most actively used in efforts to break through the front of our army did not help either.” ” said Putin in a meeting of the Russian Security Council at that time.

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