Ukraine. The prologue of the Ukrainian counter-offensive is in progress

by Angelo Gambella –

There has been an intensification of the fighting along various points of the line of contact following the very numerous Ukrainian artillery fires in recent days. The Ukrainian army is on the offensive in the gray zone, i.e. the disputed Zaporizia region.
In particular, the Ukrainian armed forces have currently entered the village of Novodarivka, according to pro-Russian sources.
The Ukrainian army has also returned to the village of Neskuchne, in the neighboring Donetsk region. In this region, Ukrainian attacks are also reported towards the outskirts of Bakhmut and south of the destroyed city of Vuhledar, as well as in the Adviika area.
Fighting has also resumed on Russian soil in the Belgorod region, where Ukrainian units and once again the Russian Volunteer Corps try to enter Staroselye and especially Novaya Tavolzhank. Violent clashes ongoing with Russian troops. The flames in the area are also detected by a check on the NASA site, which identifies the fires in progress.
It is deduced that the Ukrainian army has started the counter-offensive, and that the prologue is being observed; the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has released a military propaganda film in which it calls for media silence.
The Russian army is also moving, and is attacking beyond the Oskil river, where it has established itself with a bridgehead near the city of Kupiansk (Kharkiv region).
So far the news is certain while pro-Russian sources claim the taking of the village of Novomlynsk, which at the moment cannot be confirmed.
Unprecedented Russian missile attack in the middle of the morning on Kiev and other locations, which followed the more general night attack.
The Ukrainian defense reports that it shot down 4 out of 6 of the cruise missiles (X-101/X-555) and 3 out of 5 of the Shahed-136 kamikaze drones (Geran-2).

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