The Benefits and Best Treats of Feeding Duck Meat to Dogs

Duck meat is known to be a healthy meat because it is low in saturated fat and high in unsaturated fatty acids. Duck meat is also good for dog health. Today, let’s find out why, 3 types of duck snacks for dogs, and recommended duck snacks.

Benefits of Feeding Dog Duck Meat

low in saturated fat

Eating too much saturated fat in humans and dogs can have negative health effects. It can cause various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and obesity. So, you need to be careful not to eat too much saturated fat.

Typical meats high in saturated fat include pork belly and chicken skin. Duck meat is low in saturated fat and, on the contrary, high in unsaturated fatty acids, which are good for the body, so it is much more positive for health.


Good for improving the coat

Duck meat contains omega-3 fatty acids, one of the unsaturated fatty acids. So it can make the fur more shiny. Also, because it contains linolenic acid, a fatty acid, it can help with skin regeneration.

Less likely to cause allergies

Duck meat is known to be less likely to cause allergies than chicken, pig, and cow meat. If you are allergic to meat such as chicken or beef, give duck meat a try. Of course, the best way to determine if you have an allergy is with an allergy test.

dog duck treats

What kind of dog duck treats?

bone snack

The most representative types of duck snacks are bone snacks such as duck neck bone and duck crucible. It’s hard, so dogs can eat it for a long time and it helps relieve stress.

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However, if your teeth are weak or your digestive system is weak, you need to be careful as it can cause tooth fractures and indigestion. Also, it is not suitable for daily feeding.

Jerky Snack

Jerky snacks made from dried duck tenderloins, breasts and gizzards are also common. It’s less hard than bone snacks, so I like it. If you want to feed soft jerky, we recommend a product with a moisture content of 25% or more. There are also products such as duck sweet potato jerky and duck jerky milk gum, which are made by rolling duck meat in sweet potato or milk chewing gum.

Treats with duck meat

There are many dog ​​treats made with duck meat that are easy to feed. A typical example is treats, which are bite-sized snacks. It is very good to use for praise, training, nosework, etc. It is also good to use as a daily snack.

Seioang LID Daily Treat

Healthy Dog Duck Snack, Seioang LID Daily Treat

Seioang LID Daily Treats are soft, bite-sized dog treats. It is not burdensome to feed every day for dog training, relaxation, nose work, etc.

As a LID snack, it is less likely to cause allergies

LID stands for Limited Ingredient Diet, and means a snack using only 1-2 proteins by limiting ingredients. Since the main cause of dog allergy is protein in meat and fish, reducing the number of proteins reduces the probability of allergy.

The Seioang LID Daily Treat has a wide range of choices, with a total of 5 flavors: duck, chicken, beef, salmon, and insect. If you don’t know what kind of allergy you have yet, I especially recommend two things: Duck and Insect.

Seioang LID Daily Treat

It is paid in a soft form without any burden

Seioang LID Daily Treat is a soft and chewy texture with 34% moisture content. It is so soft that you can easily divide it into several equal parts with your hands. Even puppies and senior dogs with weak teeth and gums can eat it without burden.

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Healthy with no artificial flavors and colors

Seioang LID Daily Treat has taken dog’s health into account by removing artificial flavors and colors. It does not contain flavoring agents, but it is characterized by good palatability because it uses raw materials instead of meat powder, so the taste and aroma are alive.

Please note that the color of the raw material is exposed as the color is not added, so the color of the snack may be uneven.

Seioang LID Daily Treat

Good for nosework as there are no crumbs

With a chewy texture, Seioang LID dog treats do not easily form crumbs. So it’s especially good to use in a nosework blanket or inside a doll.

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