The Mayor of Resilovo Denies Knowledge of Alleged Death in the Village

“It has not been proven that the person died here. It is only alleged. I do not know the deceased person, I have not spoken to his relatives.”

This is what the mayor of the village of Resilovo Mariana Dotsina said about the death of Angel Hristov, known as one of the Galevi brothers, to BTV.

She denied that it was discussed on the territory of the village that Angel Hristov had returned home.

“I do not know the deceased person, nor his relatives. I have only seen Angel Hristov in a photograph. I have had no contact with them. The deceased person’s permanent address is registered, but I cannot say whether his entire family is registered to him,” added the mayor of Resilovo.

It became clear about the death of Hristov on Saturday evening. He was believed to be out of the country and wanted on a red notice by Interpol.

His funeral was supposed to take place in the town of Dupnitsa on Sunday, but the prosecutor’s office started an investigation and seized his body for an autopsy.

The investigation continues! Today they are performing an autopsy on Angel Hristov

Mariana Dotsina confirmed her words from yesterday that she found out about Hristov’s death from the media.

“I can’t say who took care of his estate. I haven’t noticed any irregularities around the property and the people living there,” said the mayor of Resilovo.

Dotsina clarified that there are no local residents to maintain Angel Hristov’s estate.

She emphasized that what she heard from people was that the Galevi brothers were virtuous.

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