Ukraine finds mass grave of over 400 bodies in reconquered Izium | Abroad

A mass grave was found in the city of Izium, recently reconquered by Russian troops from Ukraine. This was reported by President Volodimir Zelensky, who visited the eastern city between Kharkov and Luhansk on Wednesday.

“We want the world to know what caused the Russian occupation,” he said, without giving details of the number of bodies found or the cause of death.

One of the largest tombs in a liberated city

An Izium police chief told Sky News that 440 bodies were involved. According to him, these are victims of gunfire, artillery, mines and air strikes, but he also said that the cause of death for many is not yet known. “It is one of the largest tombs in a liberated city.” All bodies will be exhumed and taken for further investigation, the police chief confirmed to Sky News.

“This is a crime against humanity. This shouldn’t be possible in a civilized world in 2022. It’s horrible. I am convinced that evil will certainly be punished ”.

Ukraine in recent weeks has recaptured a huge chunk of territory to the east from the Russians in the fastest advance since it beat the Russian attack on Kiev in March. The Russian army flees the cities of eastern Ukraine. President Putin appears to have lost control of the battlefield. At least thirty places in the Kharkov region have been regained. Izium is the most important ‘trophy’ of the amazing Ukrainian advance.

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