“I can’t tell the truth. They make me stupid” (Observer-Antena1)

Antena1 (observatornews) exclusively broadcasts a dialogue with the head of the National Anti-Drug Agency, who would be stuck in front of simple questions on the drug phenomenon, suggesting that he is not aware of the institute’s activity or is afraid to reveal real information so as not to disturb “the elders of the system”.

Cristian Georgel Ivan, former police chief of Dolj, graduated from the “Mihai Viteazul” Intelligence Academy, has been at the helm of the National Anti-Drugs Agency since last year, the institution that has to coordinate the fight against trafficking and consumption in Romania . He was questioned by reporters ObservatorNews how the state intervenes to combat drug trafficking and consumption.

Head of the National Drug Agency-reporter: Nobody wants … aah, I’m talking nonsense, because they’re kidding me. They drive me crazy. But that’s it, I’m, I’m playing.

– Well, the truth, but I can’t tell.

The truth is simple. Although the agency has been in operation for nearly 20 years, drug use is still on the rise. Out of an annual budget of 32 million lei, 26 million go to salaries. Less than 20% of the money remains for the programs.

Head of the National Anti-Drugs Agency: Does the National Drug Agency have a plan … a plan? It has a national program … so … definitely yes.

Gigel Lazăr, executive president of CIADO: The programs that the dances have in this period are just … the presence at the festivals.

Head of the National Drug Agency-reporter: We have been stamped and have a flyer label. This is what a flyer looks like, I don’t think there is anything to condemn in the whole story … Maybe you don’t want to take drugs with all drugs, but you have a moment of weakness when you see the police arrive, you have a moment of fear, you take them all the pills and you are automatically overdosed.

How do we do it? That if we continue to put money and consumption increases, age decreases, then something is not working !!!!

– Ask me one more time, please.

– How do we reduce consumption?

– It is a long process and it takes time to give a result.

The Anti-Drug Agency has 220 police officers, doctors and therapists employed throughout the country, out of a total of 320. There are counties where only 5 people have to manage a population of hundreds of thousands of inhabitants.

Head of the National Anti-Drugs Agency: No, I wouldn’t, but I don’t know, I have to say things, don’t bother anyone, that’s my problem. What can I say? What is a mess? That you can never develop with 5 people? Put this thing on the pole and I’m done with the hinge. There is no way you can prevent with 5 people.

observer journalist: This is what the busiest center of the National Drug Agency looks like for heroin users. Here, somewhere, over 80 consumers are enrolled in the program and there are still just as many on the waiting list. There are 1,400 places available in the capital, but the real need is, in fact, 3 times higher.

Gigel Lazăr, executive president of CIADO: There are two treatment centers that were built, I think, about 14-15 years ago, in which almost 12 million euros were invested, and forget that even now they do not work because they no longer have financial resources.

Head of the National Anti-Drugs Agency: There are state buildings, across the street from our center, there are buildings with the seal on them and I look at them, actually my mouth is watering.

Since there isn’t much money for prevention and recovery, the state intends to cure the addiction … with jail. MPs are proposing harsh penalties for consumption: 1 to 5 years in prison for marijuana and 2 to 7 years for high-risk drugs, such as cocaine.

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