Uefa, Ceferin hard on the Super League: “Italian invention of those who think they deserve more success” | News

The Covid-19 pandemic is putting the entire football system to the test and not just from a financial point of view. In the background there is talk of a possible Superlega per i club most important in Europe, but could also change the future ofEuropean – already postponed to 2021 – and the individual championships. “We must be optimistic – spoke on the issue on president of Uefa Ceferin -. We will conclude the championships and play the European Championship, we will see if with or without spectators. “In Italy there is talk of possible Scudetto playoffs:” I don’t think it can be proposed in a championship “.

On the UEFA table there are certainly no shortage of proposals and problems to be solved, as well as controversies. First of all, however, the international federation finds itself managing a very difficult moment also at an organizational level with theEuropean on the horizon: “I’m sure a new emergency will not happen again, we must be optimistic – continued Ceferin -. Our health protocol works and having 13 players available for a match is a very tight number, it’s true, but the problems there are others: empty stadiums, quarantine, tests practically every day. The alternative is to close everything, but the world cannot be stopped “.

In Italy there are those who are thinking of changing the format of the championship by introducing the playoffs: “The decision rests with each league, but I don’t think the model used for European competitions can be proposed in individual championships. It is not right to compete all year round and then be eliminated by losing only one game “. Always to some Italian club then the Ceferin’s harsh response regarding the Super League: “It is an Italian invention, it is not our proposal also because it would be one of the most boring projects in the world. Two or three clubs talk about it that think they deserve to win more than the others, but that actually win little. It is not a serious discussion, it would kill football and I am strongly against it. “

Finally a comment on the use of the WHERE: “In some leagues the game is too fragmented and it is not good for football. For me there are serious doubts about how to interpret the hand ball, the one or two centimeter offside and the goalkeeper who is sanctioned during the penalty kick if he crosses the goal line by a few centimeters “.

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