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TwoJeys Men’s Jewelry Brand Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Rapid Growth and Expansion Plans

The plan was to travel the American highway with an old caravan and several friends, but they ended up creating the foundations of a company that today sees its success more than proven. The men’s jewelry brand TwoJeys celebrates its fifth anniversary this summer with a business volume that has grown by 60% in the last year, which already sells for a value of 4 million euros and which is determined to double, at least, your network of stores, although I have only been selling through this channel for 6 months. “We are looking everywhere: wherever there is a good opportunity, we will be there,” say their founders, Biel Just y John Margaret.

These entrepreneurs – formerly ‘influencers’ – had been wanting to start something together for a long time when, preparing their suitcase for this trip through the United States, they wanted to buy jewelry and didn’t know where to go. They spent that trip thinking about the aesthetics they would give to their product and the company, how they would do it, what their proposal would be, and, upon returning to Barcelonaafter several failed attempts looking for a manufacturer who would make a small run of their designs, they found the jeweler who changed everything.

Who today is the highest product manager within the company, then agreed to manufacture 50 units of each of the six models that were presented to him. “The first day we sold 300, and there we saw that there was a very big opportunity and that we could really be a solution”Juste recalls. “What we have achieved is to make a quality product at an affordable price,” he says. That is to say, being able to do for 17 euros what big brands do for 40 euros – he says – and sell for just under 100 euros what they sell for 800.

They also manufacture in Barcelona, ​​both as a matter of sentimental bond with their land, and to gain agility. “We could continue like this until we are 10 times what we are, and if we were even bigger, we would set up our own factory“, defends Juste, asked about scalability.

The thing is, they haven’t stopped growing. They did it through online sale’ and one brand strategy heavily supported by social networksin a very creative marketing (and thought in the same language spoken by the generation they are targeting, young people from 22 to 33 years old) and in being as different as they could from the rest. Also in ensuring that world famous artists such as Dua Lipa o Jared Leto They were seen with their jewelry. “Selling men’s jewelry is innovative: it has been great that there is a very large ‘product market feed’,” justifies this entrepreneur, who also confesses that 70% of his sales go outside of Spain.

In fact, in its recently launched strategy of grow through street-level store salesthe third opening has already been a local in London (United Kingdom).

Store opening

“85% of what we currently sell is online, the stores are arms that have helped us in the last 6 months,” explains the co-founder of TwoJeyswhich has a store on the streets Canuda (Barcelona) y Fuencarral (Madrid) for 6 months and with the London one for 3 months. Especially the first two, “they are going like a shot”, so by 2024 they plan to open, at least, another three.

The plan is to replicate the philosophy that made them open in London (the third city that brings them the most sales) and settle, as soon as they can, in capitals such as Valencia, Sevilla o Bilbao. In parallel, they will be attentive to any opening opportunity in Barcelona o Madridtheir great fiefdoms.

We have always wanted to be a Calvin Klein of jewelry, being a ‘top of mind’, and, now, if you ask a person between 20 and 30 years old in Spain about a men’s jewelry brand, the possibility that they will tell you either TwoJeys or that they don’t know any, is 70%”, celebrates the entrepreneur. “We are not trying to set up a startup that will sell in a year, there is a romantic component, so above all we want to establish the team [de unas 35 personas entre oficinas y tiendas] and grow in a healthy way, without creating things that make no sense,” he concludes.

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