two very specific age groups concerned, according to Yves Van Laethem

The number of contaminations with the new coronavirus is increasing in Belgium. According to Yves Van Laethem, federal spokesperson for the fight against the coronavirus, this upward trend concerns two very specific age groups.

“We have indeed, on the average of the last seven days, an increase of 6% in the number of cases. These 6% are mainly in children 0 to 9 years old – due to the reopening of schools, but they will soon close – and in adults 30 to 40 years old – young people who may have had more contact these lately indeed, “he explained to our colleagues at RTL Info.

Should we be worried about this increase? “It is spread across the country and in different provinces. So there is no home, so it’s not a concern. This requires monitoring, but all the indicators are going in the right direction, as we can see, ”concludes Yves Van Laethem.



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