Twitter is updated: the new feature that users were waiting for

Twitter is one of the applications that has lasted the longest and that, unlike Facebook, has not lost a flow of users over the years. On the contrary, it remains one of the strongest and most controversial in all areas.

Updates on Twitter are usually drastic and few, although their managers have the ability to observe when they don’t go anymore. One of them was the possibility of uploading stories that lasted 24 hours but did not even reach a year of life.

Now, the update will be focused on the famous tweet threads, where users can create kinds of message strings, if the 280 available characters are not enough. The tweeters who use it will usually be happy with this novelty.

The little bird’s social network is working to present the function that allows you to leave threads in which you were tagged. It will be a new tool that will be added to the possibility of silencing tweets but, unlike the existing one, users who choose it will be able to continue seeing the posts without receiving notifications. It has not yet been confirmed when it will be available on devices.

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