Try to stay awake … 7 strange solutions to get rid of insomnia and sleep problems

A report by “Bright Side” sheds light on a set of effective and uncommon advice at the same time that can help those suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders fall asleep faster, according to experts from the US National Sleep Foundation, which aims to support public health through Focus on healthy sleep habits.

The following is a list of the most simple and effective tips for getting better sleep:

1. Warm the feet:

Before bed, you can wear socks, and the importance of this habit is that if your feet are warm, this helps redirect blood flow from your heart to your extremities, thus your mind tells you that it is time to sleep due to the redistribution of heat throughout your body, and this is The perfect signal for your brain that you are ready for sleep.

2. Review the events of your day in your mind with the “inverted”:

The report stated that one of the psychological tricks that can help you “trick your mind” and sleep faster is to review the events that you have gone through during the course of your day in your mind. Try to think about normal things you did during your day, such as what you ate for dinner or the transportation that you took And the people you’ve spoken to, and this technique will help you relax and clear your mind of your worries and concerns.

3. The 4-7-8 breathing technique:

This technique consists of 3 steps .. all you have to do is inhale the air for 4 seconds then hold your breath for 7 seconds and finally exhale for 8 seconds. Try this technique several times, and it is believed that it will help you to fall asleep within a period of no more than 60 seconds .

4. Washing the face with cold water:

This advice may seem strange at first glance, but according to the “Bright Side” report, you can put some cold water on your face and then prepare for sleep. This step will not keep you awake but will lead to a phenomenon known as “Mammalian Dive Reflex” or “diving reflex”. It will reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, making you ready for sleep.

5. Place a pillow under the knees:

The pillow not only helps to rest the head and neck, but it can also help you sleep in a better position. If you sleep on your back, you can put a small pillow under your knees, which will reduce the pressure on your spine. If you sleep on your side, you can put the pillow between Your knees, which will help keep your spine straight.

6. Eat low-fat cheese:

Although it is not preferable to eat full-fat cheese late at night, low-fat cheese has the opposite effect, as it is rich in “tryptophan”, an amino acid that is considered a sleep aid, and the report indicated that cheese can be mixed Quraish with some fruits or honey in order to prepare a snack that you can eat without worrying before bed.

7. Try to stay awake:

This may seem surprising, but sometimes all you have to do to fall asleep faster is try to stay awake, as a scientific study has found that if you tell your mind that you don’t want to sleep, it will interpret your request in the exact opposite way, which is known as “science.” The opposite breath, “so you can try to lie on your bed and repeat to yourself” I don’t want to sleep, “and notice how your eyes will start to fall asleep.


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