Xi Jinping welcomes Kim Jong Un as Secretary of the Labor Party

January 11, 2021


Xi Jinping congratulated Kim Jong Un after becoming the general secretary of the Labor Party. Analyst point Signaling politics to the White House

presidentJinping leaderChina Send congratulations to youKim Jung Un Supreme leader ofNorth Korea On the agenda he was elected to the positionGeneral Secretary of the Labor PartyNorth Korea today

Mr. Kim appeared at the military parade held yesterday. As part of the Labor Party convention

Analysts point out that The parade was held for the second time since the parade was held in October last year. Which is a political signal And it is a challenge to Mr. Joe Biden thatPresident of the united states Before entering the ceremony, he took office on January 20.

Mr Kim urged the United States to cease its hostile policies against North Korea. And reiterated plans to develop nuclear weapons to increase the power of dealing with the US Along with sending a warning to Mr. Biden that The US is a war-hungry demon. And the archenemy of North Korea

Mr. Kim also said that The US policy against North Korea will not change. No matter who will come up to manageThe white house Whatever


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