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“Trust Issues in Families: A Story of Suspicion and DNA Testing in China”


Trust between family members is very important. Starting from distrust can cause a family to be destroyed, like this one story.

Launching from eva.vn, a grandfather living in Hunan province, China secretly took his grandson for a DNA test. This was because he suspected that his son-in-law might have had an affair, because his grandson was considered to have a resemblance to his neighbor.

The grandfather surnamed Ly is a retired person and has a son named Ly Cuong. Ly Cuong himself is a hardworking man and has a pretty good career. Every month Ly Cuong even sent his father some money.

Even though he has a comfortable and affluent life, it seems that there is something blocking him that makes his grandfather feel curious. He suspected that his grandson was not Ly Cuong’s biological child.

The grandfather judged that his grandson did not look like his son and was more like his neighbor. Ly Cuong and his wife’s son, Vuong Me, has a slightly darker complexion and double eyelids. While Ly Cuong and Vuong Me are white and have single eyelids.

Vuong Me himself has a business in the form of a clothing store. Not only a shop owner, Vuong is also a model who often takes pictures to advertise clothes. Therefore he always dressed well to attract many customers. But apparently that made Ly think that her daughter-in-law might not be as good as other women.

Ly also noticed that his son was very busy at work and often went out of town for days on end. That made his suspicions even stronger and he thought that his son-in-law might have been having an affair.

These doubts have even been conveyed directly to Ly Cuong and Vuong Me. Feeling hurt, Vuong Me decided to move house and no longer live with his father-in-law. But it turns out that it made Ly even more suspicious.

The child, Ly Cuong, had tried to explain to his father, but his father still wouldn’t listen. Until finally Ly found a way to prove his suspicions. He told his son to invite his wife to dinner.

When the child and wife left, Ly would pick up his grandson and take him to the hospital for a DNA test. Ly Cuong was afraid that his wife would find out about it, but his father convinced him by saying that he would lie and say he took his grandson to the park to play.

Until finally Ly’s plan was running smoothly. He managed to get his grandson to do a DNA test. However, the results were unexpectedly different from Ly’s expectations so far. His grandson, Ly Minh, turns out to be Ly Cuong’s biological child.

Knowing these results, Ly felt confused and very guilty. He was embarrassed to have suspected his daughter-in-law for the past 8 years and caused discord among his family.

Soon Vuong Me also found out what his father-in-law was doing. Apparently his 8-year-old son told his mother that his grandfather took him to the hospital, not the playground.

Vuong Me then became very angry when he learned that his father-in-law had taken his son for a DNA test without his knowledge. In the end Vuong Me filed for divorce. The husband, Ly Cuong himself was very sorry and repeatedly apologized to his wife, but Vuong Me did not want to accept it anymore.

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