Trpišovský did not interrogate in Pilsen, before joining the European League, the Slavic coach analyzed Beer Ševa himself, SK Slavia Prague

It was the duel between Pilsen’s Pilsen, which said goodbye to Cup Europe after a confrontation with Hapoel Beer Ševa, that was a warning. For Trpišovský, for Slavia as well.

“With the arrival of new players, the opponent’s team is gradually evolving. In defense, he has three well-established experienced stoppers good in personal battles, in front of him three moving, fast and technically equipped players who use fast counterattacks and the resulting one-on-one situations. However, Hapoel will miss Josué a lot, because he is the key to the offensive and manages it, “said the Slavic coach, who was told by an analysis of all the matches that his team’s opponent has played so far.

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There weren’t many of them, Beer Ševa joined the last one due to the coronavirus pandemic just against Pilsen.

The match of the first round of the basic group C of the European League Hapoel Beer Ševa – Slavia Prague will be played on Thursday at 6:55 pm, the venue is Petah Tikva, directed by the Belgian Visser, live broadcast by Nova Sport.

“We are in a similar situation, because we have a situation similar to that in Israel. We are isolated, we take tests three times four times a week so that we can play, but we still do not play in the league. At this time, it is simply an unpleasant situation for everyone, “Trpišovský admitted that the current situation is not easy for him either.

In addition, he is complicated by the absence of Tomáš Holeš, who had a positive covid test during the national team and ended up in quarantine.

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“It simply came to our notice then. Especially after Coufal’s transfer to West Ham and Karafiát’s severe injury, because three players dropped out of the nineteen-member team at once, which limits us in game alternatives, “Trpišovský lamented.

“In addition, Holeš is a very specific player who belonged to the basic line-up and performed well in the national team. Such a bulldog, which is strong in personal fights, is also typologically similar to Coufal, so it is an unpleasant loss, “he reminded that Holeš is also able to start both in the middle of the field and on the edge of defense.

“At the same time, we do not have a classic right defender in the squad. But we have to deal with it and finish the autumn part of the season before we bring a replacement for Coufal. “

Slavia defender Tomáš Holeš.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Joining the basic group of the European League, in which the Bundesliga Leverkusen and the French Nice also play, is very important for Slavia. The two-year-old experience tells about it, so Trpišovský reminds his charges even that.

After all, the match with the French Bordeaux was at the beginning of the Slavic march in Cup Europe, which ended in the quarterfinals.

“Every first match is important, the duel with Bordeaux at the time said a lot about further developments in the group. Now we start with Beer Ševa, who eliminated all rivals in the preliminary rounds, including Pilsen, who played with us for the title at home last season, “Trpišovský confirmed the weight of the match in Israel and any points gain with which the people of Prague want to return home.

“Thursday’s result will therefore say a lot about the progressive ambitions of both teams. At the same time, it is not only a sports aspect, but also other influences that will influence the development of the group, “he came across today, when no one knows what the next hours, let alone the days, will bring.


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