Herman Finkers and Astrid Holleeder nominated for NS Audience Award 2020 | NOW

Herman Finkers, Astrid Holleeder, Edwin Schoon, Roxane van Iperen, Geert Mak and Rutger Bregman have a chance to win the NS Audience Award this year. The authors’ books have sold the best in the past year and are therefore automatically nominated for the book award.

Holleeder has a chance with Family secrets, Clean with THAT’S ENOUGH (autobiography about Marco van Basten), Finkers with The course ‘Dealing with disappointments’ is again canceled, Bregman with Most people are good, Mak with Great expectations and Van Iperen with ‘t Hooge Nest.

It is their first nomination for Bregman, Van Iperen and Schoon. Mak has already won the prize twice, in 2000 with The century of my father and in 2004 with In Europe. Holleeder was nominated in 2017 with her bestseller Judas and in 2018 with Diary of a witness. Finkers also has two previous nominations in his pocket: I am an Almeloƫr! in 1997 and in 1998 with The girl with the ovaries (the prize was then still called the Trouw Public Prize).

Readers can vote for one of the nominated books or for another book of their choice until Wednesday, November 18. It is therefore still possible that another title wins the prize. The winner will be announced on the television program on November 18 M.

Last year, 111,000 votes were cast and was Ringing kink by Martine Bijl named favorite book. The NS Public Award consists of a sculpture by Jeroen Henneman, a cash prize of 7,500 euros and free travel by train for a year.


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