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Trial Begins for Alleged Theft of Hand-Written Lyrics from Eagles’ Hotel California Album

Three Suspects Being Tried for Allegedly Stealing Hand-Written Lyrics from Eagles’ ‘Hotel California’ Album

Accused of Theft, Attempted Extortion, and Deception

A memorabilia dealer and two individuals stand trial in Manhattan over the alleged theft of handwritten notes and lyrics from the iconic Eagles’ 1976 album ‘Hotel California.’ Glenn Horowitz, Craig Inciardi, and Edward Kosinski are accused of attempting to sell the stolen materials, valued at over $1 million, and providing false information to auction houses, potential buyers, and law enforcement between the years 2012 and 2016.

Legendary Singer Don Henley Targeted for Extortion

The prosecution revealed that the three suspects made several attempts to extort Don Henley, lead singer of the Eagles, using the stolen items. Henley, who discovered that four pages of the memorabilia were up for auction in 2012, purchased them for $8,500, unaware of the additional 100 pages still unaccounted for. He declined subsequent attempts to buy back some lyrics for $12,000 in 2012 and the complete set for $90,000 in 2016.

Desperate Measures in Clandestine Deals

Prosecutor Nicholas Penfold described the accused individuals as criminal actors who employed deception and manipulation to impede Henley’s rightful efforts to retrieve and protect his manuscripts. The defendants allegedly concocted stories to sell the stolen lyrics, with Glenn Horowitz falsely claiming that they were obtained from the recently deceased Glenn Frey. Their interventions aimed to frustrate Henley and ensure the illicit sale of the valuable memorabilia.

Commitment to Craft and Unrelenting Pursuit of Justice

Henley, known for his dedication to his art and craftsmanship, labored over the lyrics of the Eagles’ songs. Each song underwent meticulous refinement on yellow legal pads, acting as Henley’s personal vault of creativity. The stolen manuscripts were part of his carefully preserved collection, which he stored at his Malibu property.

Ongoing Trial and Legal Ramifications

Glenn Horowitz, Craig Inciardi, and Edward Kosinski have pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal conspiracy and possession. Horowitz faces an additional charge of hindering prosecution. The criminal trial in Manhattan will delve into the evidence of deception, stolen property, and the defendants’ attempts to profit from their unlawful activities. The defendants failed to find buyers for the stolen lyrics, which were eventually seized by the New York City Police Department.

Former Rock & Roll Hall of Fame curator Craig Inciardi (left), memorabilia seller Edward Kosinski (center), and rare-book dealer Glenn Horowitz (right) take their places on the defendants’ table.
Prosecution's allegations
Prosecutors claim that the defendants attempted to extort legendary singer Don Henley using the stolen memorabilia.
Defendant Craig Inciardi
Craig Inciardi
Defendant Edward Kosinski
Edward Kosinski

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