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Train passenger attacked with knife in Brussels


A man was attacked with a knife on a train in Brussels on Sunday afternoon. His life was in danger for a while. The perpetrator has been arrested.

The incident is said to have taken place at just after 1 p.m. on the train from Eupen to Ostend. Between the Brussels Central and Brussels North stops, a man attacked another traveler with a knife.

The victim received first aid on the spot and was subsequently taken to hospital in critical condition. In the meantime the danger to life would have passed.

The perpetrator was arrested.

“In the meantime, the investigation is in the hands of the federal railway police,” says Jana Verdegem of the federal police.

According to the first information, the victim was chosen at random and the perpetrator and victim did not know each other. Later in the day, doubts arose about that version of events. “But there is no clarity yet about the motive behind the facts,” it said.

The NMBS confirms that the security service Securail and the local police had to intervene at the Brussels North station for an incident on the train. All passengers had to leave the train.

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