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Top 8 Secret Tricks and Hacks for Sony PS5 Users Revealed!

Many owners of the well-known Sony PS5 device love hidden details, methods, secret tricks, and tricks that allow them to hack, especially if few people know them.

Although the PS5 device is very perfect, who among us does not like to hear some secret tips and tricks that allow us to use it and exploit its capabilities more widely. Although the device provides a great gaming experience, learning about certain additional features is always something desirable and enjoyable.

Incognito browser!

Many PlayStation 5 users do not know that the device actually contains a hidden web browser, as it is difficult to find for the average user, especially without an icon or indication from Sony on how to access it, but its hiding appears to be intentional and due to a specific reason.

According to what was reported by a newspaper The SunThe browser is not a fully developed program and is not intended for regular and continuous use on the device, so PS5 users may encounter many errors while using it, but it exists nonetheless, and all you have to do to access the secret browser is send a message to a PS5 friend with a web address, From there you can click on the link yourself to open the secret browser.

There is a way to see how many hours you have spent playing each game you have running on the device

One of the most prominent features that many may not know is the ability to know the number of hours players have spent in each game played on the device, and all you have to do to reveal the statistic is to first click on your profile picture, then go to profile options, then choose “Games.” “, and here you can check all your games listed below.

If you then go to Friends and then select one of your friends you can compare the number of playing hours you and your friend have spent on each game separately!.

Have your device select high-performance gaming mode, difficulty settings, and subtitles by default without having to adjust each game

One of the most tedious aspects of starting any new game is adjusting all the required settings to suit your playing style, from the difficulty level, language and subtitle settings, all the way to your preferences regarding game performance options, but the PS5 can actually take that pain away by adjusting the settings. Presets for your games, so every future game automatically knows your preferred settings.

The PS5 lets you set your preferred difficulty level, whether you prefer performance mode or precision mode, playing in third or first person (both are supported) and whether or not subtitles should be displayed.

You’ll still be able to adjust these settings for each game if you want to make a specific exception, but recording your preferred settings will save you some time every time you launch a new game on your device.

To access this feature, go to Settings, then Accessories, then select Controller and finally “General” to access game presets. You will then be able to set your preferred presets for each supported game.

Activate zoom on the device

The PS5 has a lot of great accessibility features, but one of the favorite features of many of its users that is not as widely known is the ability to zoom in on the image on the screen. This can be useful for those who are visually impaired, or even for someone who finds… Difficulty reading small subtitles, or searching for something small in the game world.

You can activate this wonderful accessibility feature by simply going to Settings, then Accessibility, then Display and Sound to find the zoom in and zoom out options in front of it. Once activated, you will be able to zoom in on any game screen by pressing the PlayStation and Square buttons at the same time. You can also move the enlarged screen using Analog stick to your liking!

If you don’t like the zoom option, there’s also the option to increase the default text size, or even activate a screen reader that will read the on-screen text out loud.

The ability to continue your gaming session on PS5 via your mobile phone or PC

PlayStation Portal allows gamers to continue playing on their PS5, even when someone else takes over the TV screen, but what if we told you that your smartphone and PC were capable of doing the exact same job?

You can download the official Remote Play app for PC, while similar apps are also available for smartphones via both the Android Play Store and the iPhone App Store. Once you have the app installed, turn on your PS5 and go to Settings, System, Remote Play, and make sure Activate Enable Remote Play, then click “Link Device,” and follow the instructions on your computer or smartphone to complete the connection.

Once this is complete, your device should be able to remember the connection, allowing you to start playing on PS5 remotely whenever you want. Of course, both your PS5 and your mobile device will need a strong Wi-Fi connection for a satisfying experience.

Activate voice commands for the device

It will be interesting for people who like to control their smart homes using voice command response apps like Alexa or Siri to know that the PS5 is able to offer similar functionality. By activating the “Enable Voice Commands” feature, you will be able to navigate the console. without having to pick up the controller to do so.

This feature is currently still in beta, so it is somewhat limited, but it nonetheless has a lot of useful features, which allow you to open games or applications, control the playback of a movie, or even capture a specific clip of gameplay, all you have to do. It is to say “Hey PlayStation” and then the command you want, and you do not need to wear a headset to do this, thanks to the microphone built into the PS5 controller.

To activate this feature, go to Settings > Voice Commands > Enable Voice Commands. You can also adjust your speech speed and volume, as well as how long your PS5 will wait to complete your request. This is all completely optional too, so you don’t have to worry about your PS5 listening to you if You’d prefer to keep this feature disabled.

Control your PS5 with your TV remote

The PS5 is more than just a gaming console, it is also an entertainment media display device thanks to the Blu-Ray drive it has and many streaming applications, such as Netflix and others. Fortunately, the PlayStation 5 allows you to control it via the screen’s controller if desired. Which prevents the DualSense unit’s battery from being drained unnecessarily.

To activate this feature, simply go to Settings > System > Enable HDMI Device Link, and once done you will be able to control your device using the display remote.

Uses of the PS button on the controller It has many uses and functions that you may not know

The PS button located in the middle of the DualSense controller can offer several uses or functions to the user, as pressing once brings up the Control Center where you can select music, see your profile, put your PS5 to sleep, and more other options, while pressing Pressing the button for a long time takes you back to the home screen.

But only few know that double-tapping the PS button allows you to do a few different things depending on what you’re doing. If you’re on the home screen and don’t have a game running, the latest news will be displayed on the left side of the screen. If the game you’re playing doesn’t support Cards, relevant media will appear, and if the game supports cards, the most recent related card will appear!.

In today’s article, we mentioned to you 8 tricks, secrets, and details that most PS5 users may not know, including the ability to find the smart browser, enable voice commands on the device, or the ability to continue your gaming session on the PS5 via your mobile phone or PC. .

Share your opinions and comments with us. Do you have some tricks and hidden things that the PlayStation 5 can do?!

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