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Tiger King’s Joe Exotic asks Trump for a pardon after 2016 campaign donation

Joe Exotic’s legal team will beg US President Donald Trump to release their client – after he made a contribution to his 2016 presidential campaign.

Joe, who was running himself in 2016 as an Independent, paid $1,000 (£815) to meet Trump while he was on the campaign trail in Oklahoma City.

Now Joe’s serving a 22 year sentence behind bars after behind found guilty of killing tigers to make more room for others at his now infamous zoo, and of hiring a hitman to kill nemesis Carole Baskin.

The legal team and campaigners to free Joe are making the lengthy trip from Texas’ Fort Worth to The White House, where they hope to win Trump’s attention, TMZ reports.

Joe is currently behind bars
(Image: Daily Mirror)

Joe’s crack at the Oval Office was documented during Tiger King, running on a libertarian manifesto.

His campaign manager soon admitted that Joe didn’t know what “libertarian” meant.

Their push to free Joe isn’t without precedent – Tiger King had everyone talking so much that even Trump weighed in, claiming he would “take a look” at Joe’s conviction.

Joe’s legal team aim to win over Trump
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Joe is said to be ecstatic at his newfound fame
(Image: Netflix US/AFP via Getty Images)

Still, Joe isn’t having too shabby a time in prison, as he’s “over the moon” about his newfound Netflix fame.

Tiger King director Rebecca Chaiklin explained: “Most characters are super happy.

“The Rick Kirkmans, the Josh Dials, the Saffs…and then there were are other characters who are probably less happy with the way they were portrayed.

Part of Joe’s sentence is for hiring a hit on Carole
(Image: Twitter)

“I mean, Joe is over the moon, I mean really over the moon.”

Meanwhile, it’s been announced that Tiger King is to be made into an eight part drama series – with Nicolas Cage portraying Joe.

Joe previously told that David Spade and Brad Pitt were his first choices.

He’s even believed to have wrangled his own fashion line from his prison cell, striking a deal with a clothing outlet to become the face of a streetwear range.

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