Thousands of Tesla cars locked for hours due to a server problem

Many Tesla owners around the world could not use their car for hours. The cause was a problem with the carmaker’s server, which prevented drivers from opening or starting their electric car with their smartphone. They could not drive if they did not take the standard car keys with them.

Emilian Musk CEO Elon Musk personally responded to a tweet from a South Korean driver who said his iPhone could not connect to his own Tesla Model 3. Musk explained that this was probably due to a server problem. A few hours later, the billionaire tweeted that the problem was solved and apologized.

The problem seems to have originated all over the world. Complaints from the United States, the Republic of Korea and Germany can be read on Twitter. One of them claims that thousands of Tesla owners cannot use their car. “I am one of them. They said we would help the environment by owning an electric vehicle, but I didn’t think I would do that by “walking,” the US company’s customer said sarcastically.



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