Thomas Pārup’s book about the artist Sarmīte Māliņa has been published / Article /

Tomas Pārums’ book about the artist Sarmīte Māliņa, which is the first edition in which all the works of Sarmīte Māliņa have been collected, about which some visual evidence has been preserved, informs the publishing house Neputns.

The book contains materials starting with reproductions of watercolors from Sarmīte Māliņa’s study period and ending with very recently created objects and installations. Also included are illustrations by Māliņa and cover designs for the magazine “Avots”, of which she was the artistic editor from the end of the 80’s until the liquidation of the magazine in the early 90’s. In the book, the texts alternate with reproductions of works, photographs from Māliņa’s personal archive, project sketches, newspaper clippings and conversations with people close to her. “This set of different materials helps to cover the life and artistic activity of Sarmīte Māliņa, providing an insight into the performance of a significant and unusual artist in the context of Latvian contemporary art,” the publishers point out.

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“It’s hard to write about what causes a real experience. Especially if it is caused by art that is stingy in words. In such cases, there is a desire not to think about what is around, but only about the work of art itself. This is more difficult not because you have to strain your mind to find the right words, but because when writing about self-moving art, something forces you to start justifying yourself. As a moment after confessing in love. Such dissonance is caused to me by the works of Sarmīte Māliņa, ”writes the author of the monograph Tomass Pārups.

The authors of the book design are Sarmīte Māliņa and Dace Eglīte.

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Sarmīte Māliņa entered Latvian contemporary art in the early 1990s, participating in large-scale group exhibitions that challenged the visual art conventions existing at the time. Along with the works of Kristaps Ģelzis, Ojārs Pētersons, Oļegs Tillbergs, Andris Breže and other authors, Sarmīte Māliņa stood out with her pronounced laconicism.

Thomas Parup is an art critic and curator. In 2017, the publishing house “Neputns” published his first book about the artist Maija Kurševs (in the series “Studio Library”). The monograph dedicated to Sarmīte Māliņa is the result of two years of cooperation between her and the artist.

Simultaneously with the publication of the monograph, an exhibition of Sarmīte Māliņa’s works is opened at the Alma Gallery. It is open from September 18 to 30.

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