Worrying! Coronavirus is spreading to the elderly, the number of hospital admissions is rising sharply again

RIVM figures show again significant increase in the number of positively tested people: 8,200 this week (last week 5,400). More striking is the number of hospital admissions, which increased by 92. The virus is starting to spread to people over 70 and 80 years old.

Fewer and fewer people are concerned about the infection figures, because unlike the first wave, now mainly young people are infected. They usually get off well, so hospital admissions and deaths remain low.

The elderly and at-risk groups also seemed to be well protected for a while, but the virus has now reached them again. Since the virus is now so prevalent among the ‘non-vulnerable’ age groups, it was also only a matter of time.

The Netherlands jumps from 43 new hospital admissions from two weeks ago to 92 last week. There are now 53 corona patients in the ICUs, ten more than yesterday. 247 people in their seventies tested positive last week (previous report: 136). Corona was also diagnosed in 128 people in their eighties (last time 95). The number of people in their nineties with corona was 58 this week (was 22).

Because more than half of the infections are thought to occur at home, it seems that it is mainly the families who infect their grandfathers and grandmothers with the virus. Another logical explanation could be care personnel, because physical contact with the elderly and / or patients is of course included in the work.

Be that as it may, the virus is now starting to hit the most vulnerable among us once again. The hospitals are better armed this time, but that does not mean that everyone can be saved. Maybe it will stick with this rise and fall again soon, but I’m afraid of it. I think that with a bit of bad luck we will soon be talking of a second wave, purely because (with a bit of bad luck) we will see an increase in deaths again.

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