Thoha Breaks into BCA Account, Muin is Stressed to Lose Weight


Account Muin Zachy’s BCA was broken into. Muin became stressed and his body became thin.

Mohamad Thoha and a rickshaw driver named Setu had broken into Muin’s account. In fact, in that account, there was money from the sale of two houses. The nominal amount is IDR 320 million.

Reported detikJatim, Muin’s legal adviser named Dewi Mahdalia reported that his client is currently stressed. Muin’s weight also dropped. Muin often daydreams thinking about the missing money.

“After that incident, my father lost weight,” said Dewi, who is also Muin’s biological daughter, to detikJatim, Saturday (28/1/2023).

Nevertheless, Dewi admits that she will still fight to get her father’s rights back. He will still try to hold BCA accountable.

“We just want the money back and there is accountability. That (money) is my father’s right, the proceeds from the sale of two houses in Surabaya and Sidoarjo which are planned for the old age of the father and mother who have died,” he said.

BCA stated that the burglar in Muin’s account was Thoha, not a pedicab driver. Thoha has been living in a boarding house with Muin.

“It’s not true that the pedicab driver broke into the break, but Thoha was the one who was boarding with our customers,” said Executive Vice President Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility of BCA Hera F Haryn in a press conference, as reported by detikFinance, Thursday (26/1/2023).

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