This is the reason Dovizioso wants to be an Aprilia test racer


Andrea Dovizioso be a test racer Aprilia of MotoGP 2021. There is a special reason why he wants to take the role.

Dovizioso was announced as an Aprilia test rider in March. On April 12-14, he started his first stint as an RS-GP motorcycle tester at the Jerez Circuit, Spain.

Even so, it is not clear whether next year he will race with the Italian manufacturer. Dovizioso explained that he took this job so that he would remain ‘close’ to MotoGP, while preparing himself so that he could return to appearing next year.

“It’s because I still have passion in MotoGP and I want to be back next season,” he said Dovizioso to Autosport.

“So, I think it’s a smart move to get back on track, and I’m really happy because Aprilia wants to give this possibility in the right way. So I’m happy and this is a positive thing whether I race again or not next season.”

“Having the opportunity to ride a MotoGP bike is always fun, and being able to do it this way, in a professional way, not just racing, is what I want to do,” said the 35-year-old Italian.

Regarding the test, Dovizioso reluctant to reveal his timeline, because he still hasn’t tuned 100 percent with the Aprilia motorbike. However, the plan is that Dovizioso will return to test the RS-GP motorbike next month at the Mugello Circuit, Italy.

Dovizioso was absent at MotoGP 2021 after his contract with Ducati was not renewed. Aprilia tried to approach him to fill the position left by Andrea Iannone this season, but was rejected, as was the offer to become a test racer at a number of manufacturers, one of which was Yamaha.




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