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This is how he submitted to the community – Diario 2001

A man was arrested for subjecting the San Esteban community of the Guacara municipality in the Carabobo state at gunpoint.

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The detainee was identified as Miguel Angel Requena Rojas, 22 years old.

It was the officials of the Mariara Municipal Delegation who managed to arrest Requena.

The director of the Center for Scientific, Penal and Forensic Investigations, CICPC, Douglas Rico, stated so.

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Through a post on his. Instagram account, Rico reported on the arrest of the subject.

Rico added that Requena was engaged in committing criminal acts in the San Esteban sector, generating anxiety in the community.

He added that during Requena’s detention a “firearm facsimile» pistol type.

With which he subjected passers-by and residents of the sector to take away their valuable belongings.

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Additionally, Requena was verified in the Police Investigation and Information System, Siipol.

Which showed that he has records for illegal carrying of firearms and taking advantage of things from crime.

The director of the CICPC ended by assuring that Requena was left to the order of the Public Ministry.

With information from Douglas Rico.

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