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Trump pleads not guilty to attempting to reverse 2020 election results

Washington (EFE).- Former US President Donald Trump (2017-2021) pleaded not guilty this Thursday before a court in Washington DC to various criminal charges arising from his alleged attempt to reverse the results of the 2020 elections.

Trump, 77, rejected the accusations after an investigation led by special counsel Jack Smith, which the former president has called a “witch hunt.”

Judge Moxila Upadhyaya agreed to release Trump, after setting the conditions for his release, and set the next hearing against the former president for his alleged attempt to reverse the result of the 2020 elections for August 28.

The four charges against him are conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official procedure, obstruction and attempt to obstruct an official procedure, and conspiracy against rights. For the first of these accusations, he could receive a maximum sentence of five years in prison, for the second and third twenty years in prison, respectively, and for the fourth, ten years.

Trump, 77, denied the allegations after an investigation led by special counsel Jack Smith

Some Trump supporters and detractors gathered in the vicinity of the federal court in the District of Columbia, where the Republican is summoned to court, leaving the most picturesque scenes.

A supporter with a Trump mask aboard a vehicle that emulates the presidential limousine and a man dressed as a prisoner to demand the imprisonment of the former president are some of the examples of the “circus” set up around the E. Barrett Prettyman courthouse, headquarters of the court handling the case, in the US capital.

A group of African-Americans walked around wearing T-shirts that say “Blacks for Trump,” while others demanded the release of what they consider “political prisoners” for the assault on the Capitol or carry flags with the face of the former president, a great favorite in the primaries. Republicans for next year’s elections.

But there were also people who shout “what a happy day”, who call the Republican “loser” or who take advantage of the congregation to sell “anti-Trumpism” pins.

“It is time for the Department of Justice to see the truth: that this guy is guilty of criminal charges and that he has to serve jail time,” Dominique Santana told EFE about the former president.

For the first of these accusations, he could be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison.

This man of Cuban origin arrived at the gates of the court wearing a black and white striped convict dress, shackles on his hands and a poster with a photomontage of Trump arrested and shaved head.

In recent months, Trump has been charged in New York for allegedly bribing porn actress Stormy Daniels, with whom he had an “affair” in the past, during the 2016 election campaign to buy his silence and in Florida for taking and illegally keeping classified White House documents in his Mar-a-Lago mansion.

In the current case, in Washington DC, he is accused of the events that occurred between the November 3, 2020 elections, which he lost to Democrat Joe Biden, and after January 6, 2021, when a mob of his followers broke into the Capitol, when a session of the two chambers of Congress was being held to ratify the victory of his opponent.


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