They’re looking for more than $ 200,000 from Stephen Segal

Stephen Segal PHOTO: instagram

U.S. District Judge William Kunz signed an order authorizing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to recover more than $ 200,000 from actor Steven Segal, Bloomberg reported.

According to a commission lawyer, Segal had previously agreed to voluntarily settle fees and pay $ 330,000 in compensation, but made only one payment of $ 75,000 and was late in paying the balance. After neither the actor, who now lives in Russia, nor his representatives appeared in court to answer to the commission, the court in New York signed the decision, according to which the commission can ask the actor to pay the remaining fines and accrued interest.

Earlier, the media reported that Bitcoiin2Gen offered the actor $ 250,000 in cash and $ 750,000 in cryptocurrency to support its initial offering. In 2018, Segal advertised upcoming bitcoin events through its Facebook and Twitter accounts, and the company called it its “world ambassador.”

In February this year, the US Securities and Exchange Commission fined the Hollywood actor $ 314,000 on charges of tax evasion received from fees from Bitcoiin2Gen for advertising. A SEC spokesman said celebrities were banned from using their influence on social media to advertise securities without declaring income, BGNES added.



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