They stop the son of ‘The Eyes’; at 14 he was carrying a kidnapped woman

Alexis “N”, 14, was arrested with four other accomplices who had kidnapped a person in a van. Photo: Special


Alexis N., 14, son of Felipe de Jesús Pérez Luna, The eyes, was arrested yesterday by investigative police along with four accomplices, also minors, who they had a woman kidnapped in a van.

This minor, according to police intelligence information, controlled at least 20 drug outlets in the southern part of the city and up to Valle de Chalco, and had under his command at least six hit men.

Alexis was very close to her sisters Diana Karen and Samantha, who in March 2019 were captured by elements of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) in Chalco along with Carlos N., aka The Cindy, who was the leader of hitmen of this criminal group.

Now that Alexis, son of The eyes and his second wife, Nancy, the leadership of the Tláhuac Cartel remnant is precisely in charge of The Cindy, since he was only imprisoned for four months, after the local Public Ministry could not endorse the crime of organized crime.

This man is Diana Karen Pérez’s husband, The princess from Tláhuacdaughter of The eyes, who was shot down by the Navy on July 20, 2017.

The arrest of Alexis is the twentieth capture or death of members of the dome of the Cartel of Tláhuac, among family members and leaders.

Despite this, drug killers and distributors continue to operate in Tláhuac and the eastern part of Mexico City, where they also extort and kidnap.

Yesterday at a press conference, the head of the capital police, Omar García Harfuch, said that this cartel is almost disjointed.

What we can conclude is that it is very weak; to be able to say that it is completely disjointed we would have to have all detained and (…) one person is still to be detained, ”said the head of the Ministry of Public Safety, referring to The Cindy.


The Attorney General of Mexico City (PGJCDMX) He explained that Alexis and his accomplices circulated over Ana Bolena, Nopalera neighborhood, Tláhuac mayor’s office, when they were stopped.

Agents noticed that a kidnapped woman was in the back seat, asking for help.

In addition to rescuing women, the PGJCDMX elements secured approximately one kilogram of marijuana, as well as replicas of an assault rifle and a short weapon.

The probable perpetrators were made available to the agent of the Public Prosecutor of the Central Prosecutor’s Office of Research for the Care of Children and Adolescents.

The five children detained could be admitted to a community for adolescents for up to three years if the control judge assigned to the case considers it.

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