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They say the best airline in the world, why do fat people refuse to board?


Qatar Airways become the best airline in the world. But these passengers feel discriminated against, refused boarding because they are fat!

Juliana Nehme (38), Brazilian plus-size influencer and model experienced an unexpected incident with Qatar Airways.

Reported by news.com.au, Juliana has just returned from vacation with her family. On vacation in Lebanon, Juliana uses Air France. But when you returned home, you chose Qatar Airways and transited through Doha.

In the video, Juliana is seen sobbing. She explained that the airline rejected it due to her size.

“I bought a return ticket to Brazil via Qatar and arrived at that time to check in, a flight attendant from Qatar called my mother while another member of staff was finishing our check in and told her I couldn’t get on the plane. Because I’m fat,” he said. .


Juliana explained that on previous flights she had no problems. She now she is being asked to buy a business ticket worth $3,000 or about IDR 47 million so she can get on the plane.

“There are only 30 minutes left for the plane to take off. They say I have no right to get on the plane because I’m fat. I don’t know what to do,” Juliana repeated in a panic.

While at Rafic Hariri International Airport, Juliana admitted she was threatened by the airline for recording the incident.

All attempts failed, Juliana ended up staying in Lebanon with her mother. Meanwhile, his sister and her niece had boarded a plane bound for Doha.

“I spent money on hotels and taxis. I was so humiliated in front of everyone at the airport. All because I was fat!” he said.

A Qatar Airways spokesman said this was not the real incident. He said one of his family members tested positive for Covid-19.

“The passenger in question at the Beirut airport was initially very rude and aggressive towards check-in staff when one of his travel group failed to present the PCR documents required for entry into Brazil,” said a Qatar Airways spokesperson. news.com.au.

“As a result, airport security was asked to intervene as staff and passengers were very concerned about his behaviour.”

Eventually Juliana was flown home on another flight the next day from Lebanon by Qatar Airways.

In developing its policy, Qatar Airways said that any passenger who is blocking fellow travellers’ space and unable to fasten their seatbelts or lower their armrests may be required to purchase an additional seat either as a precaution of safety and for the safety of all passengers.

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