These are the 4 brightest planets that can be seen in August

Saturn and Jupiter will be in opposition positions in August 2021.—For those who like to observe the sky, then this guide is worth noting. There are at least 4 observable planets that shine their brightest in August 2021. Note the exact date and time to be able to observe them at night.

In August, Saturn and Jupiter will be observable because it will be in a position opposite the Sun (opposition) for 17 days. Each was seen more or less throughout the night. It rises towards evening, then moves across the meridian as soon as midnight and descends towards the southwest-southwest horizon at dawn.

Venus will remain visible in August, stay low in western twilight after sunset, Next Mercury will join together Venus and can be seen during the last week of August although it will be lower to the horizon. Launch, here’s a full explanation.


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