There are 58 cases of dengue fever in Metro throughout November 2021

TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID, METRO – The increase in cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in the past month has become a serious concern for the Health Department Metro.

Head of Diskes Metro Erla Andrianti said that her party recorded as many as 58 cases in November 2021.

This number has doubled compared to last year.

“Last month there were 58 cases. We have made a letter to the puskesmas to activate counseling and woro-woro to the community, through a cadre of larva monitoring interpreters (jumantik),” Erla said, Friday (12/3/2021).

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He admitted that coordination was also carried out across sectors. Starting from the village and sub-district to activate Pokjanal DBD.

His party asked jumantik cadres to go around residents’ homes and monitor mosquito larvae.

Erla judged, the amount DBD 202q experienced an increase compared to last year.

Where there have been 58 cases, while last year only 25 cases were found in the same month.

“The number has increased from last year. We need to increase vigilance, especially the community by eradicating mosquito nests (PSN). PSN needs to be carried out on all residents in their respective homes. Places that have the potential to become mosquito nests must be cleaned,” he added.

As for the potential places for mosquito nests DBD What must be cleaned are puddles of water. By closing, draining and cleaning the water reservoir.

( / Indra Simanjuntak )


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