The Latvian junior and youth team wins awards at the World Cup in Lapland

On Friday, December 3, the first World Cup for juniors and youth ended with a junior girls’ race, where two Latvian junior athletes competed for prizes: Zane Kaluma and Francesca Bona.

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In the first race Zane Kaluma showed the seventh best time, but in the second race she finished in fifth place, which guaranteed the athlete the fifth position in the sum of two races. Francesca Bona, on the other hand, won tenth place in the sum of two races.

In the second junior and youth world cup “Youth A”, the seventh place in the boys’ competition was won by Aleksis Siņilņikovs. Raimonds Baltgalvis is in 23rd place.

Selīna Zvilna took the fifth place in the first race of the second World Cup, but in the second race she showed the absolute best result, which guaranteed the young woman A a silver prize in the sum of two races.

The junior double crew Eduards Ševics – Mikeļševics / Lukas Krasts showed the third fastest time in the first race, but the first in the second race, which in the sum of two races guaranteed the junior duo a place on the second stage of the podium. Immediately behind the podium, in fourth place was the second junior crew – Kaspars Rinks / Vitalijs Yegorovs.

Anda Upīte / Sanija Ozoliņa will win a bronze medal in the “Junior” girls’ competition. In turn, the Latvian duo Viktorija Ziediņa / Selīna Zvilna showed the third best time in the first race, but in the second race she was ranked only in the tenth position, with the athletes winning the seventh place in the sum of two races.

Marta Robežniece / Agnija Bogdanova, in her turn, wins the competition for the “Double Youth” girls’ double crews, showing the absolute best time in both races.

“Youth A” duo Raimonds Baltgalvis / Krišjānis Brūns wins a silver prize in the Second World Cup.

On Saturday, December 4, the second World Cup for Junoir and Youth will end with a “Junior” girls ‘and boys’ competition as well as a team relay.


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