“Our priority is to continue to promote vaccination and vaccination,” Britain has no plans to introduce mandatory vaccination against Covid-19.


Asked if mandatory vaccination could ever be introduced in the UK, Johnson’s spokesman told reporters that “we have outlined our policy on the issue and have indicated that we have no plans to do so.”

“You are aware of the changes we have made to the staff of social care and the National Health Service, given the importance of protecting the most vulnerable members of our society. However, nothing more is planned in this regard,” he said.

At the request of journalists, to comment on whether stricter measures could be introduced in the UK for unvaccinated citizens, a government spokesman recalled that “you can look at the restrictions that have been put in place in the past and the fact that we have never introduced anything like this”.

“Our priority is to continue to promote vaccinations and vaccines,” he said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her successor, Olaf Scholz, have already reportedly agreed on Thursday with German leaders in 16 federal states to ban unvotted access to shops other than those selling basic necessities.

Merkel and Scholz also want parliament to approve mandatory vaccination against Covid-19.

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