The young woman was given 80 lakhs; The case of Binoy Kodiyeri is solved – | Binoy Kodiyer | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama online

The Bombay High Court resolved the sexual harassment case filed by a Bihar woman against Benoy Kodiyeri. Binoy gave the girl Rs 80 lakh for living expenses and the child’s education. Although the settlement agreement says this amount, there are indications that more was paid.

The agreement does not mention the paternity of the child. Benoi also passed on the payment information. Subsequently, the High Court accepted the settlement agreement signed by the two and closed the case on Tuesday. The woman said all cases were withdrawn and the court case was closed.

In June 2019, the young woman filed a complaint with Mumbai police Oshiwara, claiming she was raped with a promise of marriage and having an eight-year-old child in the relationship. They have lived in Mumbai for many years. The complaint asked for money to raise the child. When Binoy filed a petition claiming the case was untrue and needed to be quashed, the Bombay High Court ordered a DNA test.

After the lockdown, when the court proceedings returned to normal, the woman turned to the High Court asking for the disclosure of the DNA test results. The decision to resolve the case was initiated while the claim was pending before the court.

Summary in English: The case of the Binoy Kodiyeri rape has been solved

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