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The West and Russia have exchanged new sharp remarks about Ukraine

The United States and Britain have warned Russia not to show a new one military aggression against Ukraineand Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the West of threatening his country’s security. This was reported by Reuters.

Today, NATO is gathering to discuss the deployment of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine. At a press conference before the meeting US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkon expressed concern over the “unusual” movements of the Russian units and “increasingly militant rhetoric.”

“Any escalating action by Russia worries the United States … and any renewed aggression would have serious consequences. In the coming days, we will consult closely with NATO partners. are there any other steps we need to take as an alliance, to strengthen our defenses, “he said.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg he commented before the talks that Russia’s intentions were unclear. “We see heavy equipment, we see armored units, drones and tens of thousands of able-bodied Russian soldiers,” he added.

NATO members Britain and Germany have made similar statements. “We will stand by other democracies against Russia’s malicious activities. Any action to undermine the freedom and democracy that our partners enjoy would be a strategic mistake,” he said. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

Her German colleague Heiko Maas He said: “NATO’s support for Ukraine is continuous … Russia will have to pay a high price for any kind of aggression.”

Zelensky warned: Ukraine is fully prepared if Russia invades

Kiev’s powerful army was fully prepared

Meanwhile, on Tuesday Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov He accused Ukraine and its Western allies of threatening his country’s security and stressed that Moscow can respond to such threats.

Lavrov also said that The West has provoked Ukraine to take action against Russia and influenced her to use force in the Donbass region. According to him, Moscow does not rule out the option of Kiev to “break out in a military adventure” against it, especially after NATO recently increased its presence in the region.

The recent build-up of more Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders has raised concerns and accusations of preparing military aggression. Moscow denies the allegations. On Monday, however, Belarus announced joint military exercises with Russia on its border with Ukraine, further worrying the West.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sharply warned NATO on Tuesday not to have troops and weapons in Ukrainestating that it represents red line for Russia and will cause strong response, writes AP

Commenting on Western concerns about Russia’s alleged intention to invade Ukraine, he said Moscow is equally concerned about NATO exercises near its borders.

The Russian president said that NATO’s eastward expansion has threatened the main security interests of Moscow. He expressed concern that NATO could eventually use it Ukrainian territory for the deployment of missiles, capable to reach the command centers of Russia in just five minutes.

“The emergence of such threats is a ‘red line’ for us,” Putin said. “I hope that common sense and responsibility for their own countries and the global community will ultimately prevail.”

He added that Moscow is forced to oppose of growing threats through the development of new hypersonic weapons.

“What should we do?” Putin said. “We will have to develop something similar for to focus on those who threaten us. And we can do it even now.”

He said that new hypersonic rocketyou need to enter service with the Russian Navy early next year will be able to reach targets in comparable time.

“They will also be needed just five minutes to reach those who issue the orders“Putin said.

He argues that in order to avoid tensions, Russia and the West must negotiate agreementsto take into account the security interests of the Parties.

The Russian leader noted that Russia is deeply concerned about NATO exercises near its borders, pointing to a recent doctrine in which American strategic bombers are involved.

“Strategic bombers that carry precision weapons and are capable of carrying nuclear weapons, flew around 20 kilometers from our border“, he said. “This is a threat to us.”

Russia has announced a plan to invade Ukraine for US malicious propaganda

Russia has announced a plan to invade Ukraine for US malicious propaganda

“I have to reassure everyone. Nothing like this will happen.”

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