The unusual video of Pergolini

In a normal situation, in a daily context of Mundo Boca, the video of Mario Pergolini it would have passed by. Or at most it would even have caused humor by the sense of humor and especially the sarcasm that the 55-year-old driver handles. However, and as he often repeats Miguel Angel Russo, “Are moments”. Y This moment that the vice president of the club chose to film himself entering the Bombonera and leaving a message was not the best. Quite the opposite. Even to several it seemed unusual …

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“Well, after a long time, here we are. Coming back … I came to look, to see if there were problems … It seems not. I’m going to have to look on TV to see problems”, he said – mischievous smile through – as he entered the Bombonera and filmed a story on his Instagram account that lasted just 13 seconds. Although to list the problems he has today Boca it would take much more than that time …

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Pergolini pointed directly to the television media, implying that there are no problems in Boca or that at least they are not of the magnitude with which they are told on TV. There is a great truth and it is that in recent weeks the Xeneize was the focus of attention of most sports media And not just because he was champion twice in less than a year, but because of everything else …

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Another bomb in Boca:

What problems could Mario refer to? To what Carlos Tevez uncovered the pot and pointed to the Football Council that runs Juan roman riquelme for having “thrown” Pol Fernández; to what Jorge Bermúdez apologized to the idol in front of the squad for having treated him as a “former player” and after 24 hours it leaked an audio of the Patron speaking badly of 10 for his meeting with Daniel Angelici; in advance of Ole on soccer rupture between JR and Russo, who no longer seems to be untouchable for the CDF; and, of course, to the meeting of the players where they closed ranks inwards and they promised to no longer tolerate, according to their consideration, the mistreatment of Roman’s working group.

The Instagram story immediately appeared on the other social networks, where it was replicated by fans and various partisan media, and there people’s comments were divided. Many, of course, in favor of the words of Pergolini and endorsing that there are “operations” against the club; but the same too criticizing the vice president’s stance and attitude first and even demanding social issues promised in the campaign and even that complies with the Boca TV Channel that when he took office he said he would create.

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It is not the first time Pergolini, a man trained in radio and television, points to the TV media. Even in the little that goes from 2021 already had several encounters with some journalists such as Martín Souto, who in addition to being one of the references of TyC Sports also participates in a broadcast in favor of Boca: Mario accused that channel of “anti Boca” by harsh words from former player Diego Díaz (“We hate Boca”) and Souto went out to the crossroads with everything … “He started going to the court at 30 years old.”

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But that was not the only case, Mario also crossed paths with Juan Cortese, also a journalist from TyC who covers River’s day-to-day life and with whom it was chicanered by the application of the VAR the times that the person involved is the Marcelo gallardo. And what’s more, the last of Pergolini was with Sebastian Dominguez, ESPN panelist, who criticized what happened in the Libertadores and who before the onslaught of the vice recommended him to avoid that type of back and forth on social networks because “they don’t add up.” In fact, on that same show until Oscar Ruggeri hit the leader for being an important authority and not appearing (he wondered “where he was” and “why he was not speaking.”

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Many before that, in 2020, Pergolini had also made jokes when the battle was between Bermúdez and Tevez tweets for their renewal, and even when he gave a monologue on his radio show explaining why he wasn’t in a fight and He had no dialogue with Riquelme as he had transpired.

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Gianinna and her strong post:

In Boca they already know that “Mario is like that”. You know it. They are aware that he was always handled with sarcasm and irony, although some point out that one thing is as a radio host and quite another is when occupies a position as important as being the vice president of Jorge Ameal. And much more, if the internal relations in the Xeneize hang by such a fine thread and as easy to break as zapping …

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