Entrepreneurs looking to learn financial literacy – Jornal OPaís

Entrepreneurs looking to learn financial literacy – Jornal OPaís

The president of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Angola (AJEA), Alfredo Nguli, considered, yesterday, essential the promotion of training actions on financial literacy, especially so that young people can manage their income in the best way possible.

The person in charge, who was speaking to the press on the sidelines of the VI cycle of the Financial Education Seminar for young associations, said that young people must understand finance management in order to successfully implement future projects, in the short, medium and long term. He explained that the Angolan Government has carried out financing projects for youth initiatives, but sometimes they are diverted for purposes contrary to those defined, hence the importance of financial education.

“Right now, financial cooperatives have financing projects in the pipeline and young people need to be prepared for them”, he stressed. The vice-president of the Association for the Progressive Development of Youth of Angola, Patrícia Bartolomeu, corroborates the statement that training in financial literacy is of great importance because it promotes knowledge and helps young people to deal with the management of their financial resources, in especially in this phase of financial crisis. She finds that it is very difficult for young people to manage money, due to a lack of guidance, which is why she highlighted the value of training in finance.

On the occasion, the deputy director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, José Mateus, said that the training action on financial literacy aims to disseminate and disseminate knowledge of financial management among social partners, so that they can replicate it among their members and in the community. “The current economic context must be one of resilience, which requires knowing how to carry out rational and conscious management”, he asserted. The head of the financial inclusion department at the National Bank of Angola (BNA), Ivete Tchanga, indicated that a healthy relationship with money requires market studies, organization of finances and establishment of priorities. “You only see the difference in your management, the one you actually implement for a healthier financial life”, she highlighted.

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