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The Tragedy of Immigration: An Unstoppable Wave of Desperation

Some time ago I was on the paradisiacal beach of Zahora (province of Cádiz) and from where we were bathing I saw, in the distance, beyond the colorful umbrellas and the half-naked bodies sunbathing, a boat stranded on the sand. I went for a walk to the seashore to see it better. It was a green and black inshore fishing boat, wide like a large bathtub. I ran my hand along the wood of the gunwale, gnawed by salt and almost rotten. A few dozen African immigrants must have arrived in Zahora some time ago., of which there was not a trace, not a trace, only the precarious abandoned boat. I questioned her mentally, and she, of course, did not say a word, but her muteness was more imposing than Castelar’s complete speeches. I thought about where those black men could be at that point, with their tremendous experience of practically incommunicable fear on their backs, wandering around which cities, looking for jobs where, with empty pockets and in search of shelter, food, money, love and a future. Remote readings of The odyssey, because the boat had a timeless and almost eternal air.

These days when the Canary Islands receive a flood of immigrants – 25,000 so far this year – so needy that they run the very serious risk of capsizing in the Atlantic in the hope of reaching European shores, and that services collapse and possibilities overwhelm of attention, I’m not saying assimilation, of the Fortunate Islands, While we entertain ourselves with our things, a great tragedy unfolds before our distracted eyes. —the tragedy of the unfortunate people who leave behind their land and their loved ones in search of an uncertain future in more prosperous lands, whose abundance they have been able to see on television but which do not exactly welcome them with pleasure and joy but rather resign themselves to the inevitable— but the future of the immediate future to which we do not pay much attention, entertained as we are with other things and other concerns that, of course, are also serious.

I think that this, immigration, is the most serious of all, surely because it has no brake or solution and it will transform the order of our world: many African countries are failed states from which whoever can escape to the north. Drought, tyrannies, wars, the plundering of new colonizers in complicity with local leaders, the expansion of fanatical Islam, everything invites youth to leave such long-suffering homelands.

(I suppose that the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip, in short, those who survive the answer of the Israeli army to the brutality of Hamas, be this response provided o disproportionate, those Palestinians whom they do not want to let enter either Egypt or Jordan, will not want to stay there until they are made into mincemeat, they will prefer to come to the north, as is logical and natural. I think that There are just over two million, perfectly accommodated, for example, as repopulators of empty Spain.Yes, after passing a selective filter that discards the fanatical clergy and those who have committed blood crimes. Surely the EU, the UN and the USA would be delighted with the end of the conflict in Gaza and would provide funds and futuristic technology to convert empty Spain into a garden… Of course, for the Gazan people to abandon their land to the enemy would be to assume an unconditional surrender. , but it would also be a new beginning in peace, and in any case it is better to accept a bitter defeat than to die or live in slavery under the boot of the colonist.)

«Half of Africa will leave the continent in a few decades, and there will be no walls or borders that can stop it»

Aside from this parenthetical fantasy, so sensible and reasonable that it is impossible to put it into practice, I prophesy that in successive waves all of Senegal and half of Africa will leave the continent in a few decades, and there will be no walls or borders that can stop them. . Since it is not possible to convince emigrants to stay in their lands by offering them the hope of a new Marshall Plan for which the European economies have little availability and little desire, and which would also be impossible to apply, where the authorities have as a rule plunder and plunder are proven, the only way to deter them is through mass murder. Machine gunning is a final solution to which, as we have recently read, a certain Arab country is already resorting; But of course we are repelled by the idea of ​​such an inhuman procedure, or of returning the boats with their passage to the sea, or of sinking them with cannon fire, or of putting those who arrive on planes and taking them to Rwanda, according to Boris’s idea. Johnson, nor do I think that the new laws to deport them “on a large scale” back to their countries of origin will have substantial results.by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, nor are we going to let the hungry multitudes die at the foot of our walls.

So since there is no possible brake on immigration, nor plans to rationally assimilate it, we have to get used to the idea: we will have millions of unemployed young men, without a job, studies, money or women, toiling in the fields and streets, looking for life. Naturally, such a great need will cause all kinds of public order problems. Crime will multiply. Trust will evaporate. The neighbor will be afraid. The structural model for the European cities of a future that is already around the corner is that of so many South American countries: some strongly protected condominiums to house the minority of the solvent classes, surrounded by irregular settlements, by immense neighborhoods of barracks, favelas where, having no alternative to pass the time pleasantly, people mate and reproduce non-stopmultiplying offspring and poverty.

I mentally asked the boat stranded on Zahora beach if I am very wrong in my predictions or if what I say is true and – I don’t know if it was the effect of a gust of wind that blew at that precise moment – ​​but it seemed to me that He whispered to me: “It’s true… noshh vrd…sssihvrr.”

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