The Supreme Court does not seem to want to abolish Obamacare

DAgain, the Supreme Court is probably not doing what Donald Trump want. After the first hearing in the current dispute over the health insurance system “Obamacare”, it looks as if the judges do not want to abolish the “Affordable Care Act” of 2010 this time either. It is the third time that they are supposed to decide on Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama’s insurance system. With their attempt to abolish it politically in Congress, the Republicans failed in 2017, also due to a few internal party critics.

That remained Supreme Courtwhere the recent appointment of Conservative Amy Coney Barrett paved the way for opportunities. Hopes have been dampened at the public hearings on the subject. This does not say anything about the decision, but a trend was clearly discernible. Presiding Judge John Roberts and Trump-appointed Judge Brett Kavanaugh both hinted on Tuesday that it was not the court’s job to abolish 900-page legislation, even if individual regulations were found to be unconstitutional. Trump and several Republican-ruled states are demanding that the judges declare “Obamacare” illegal – but if enough conservative judges joined the liberal minority of three to six votes, they would have failed again.


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