The Spanish journalist accused of spying for Russia finally speaks with his Polish lawyer

Almost three months have passed since the journalist Paul Gonzalez was arrested at the Polish border accused of being a Russian spy. Since then, neither his family nor his Spanish lawyer, Gonzalo Boye, have been able to contact him. This fact, in the words of the lawyer, is “inhuman” Considering that any person, guilty or notyou have rights.

Two months ago the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained to Digital Confidential that the procedures so that the Spanish journalist could speak with his lawyer and his family had already begun. The ministry justified the delay in the management in which Poland “request some very specific documents compared to other countries”.

However, as you have learned the informer by sources close to the family, this procedure if there has been “eternalized” and it is not yet known when Pablo González will be able to speak with his family.

As well. Until just a few days ago, the only person who had been able to have a conversation with the accused of espionage had been the Spanish consul. Thanks to him, his closest friends have been able to obtain information about the detainee’s state of health.

But now, as El Chivato has been able to hear, since he has hired a new Polish lawyer about 10 days agohas been able to speak with him “practically” daily.

And that is, the next May 28 ends the detention period by Pablo Gonzalez. According to Agencia EFE, however, the Polish Prosecutor’s Office has requested extend the period of pretrial detention and is awaiting the court decision. For his part, the journalist’s Spanish lawyer, Gonzalo Boye, has confirmed to ECD that he has not yet received the letter.

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