The senator tried to hide the clinking money from the police. Between its halves

In the Senate, Rodrigues represents the northern Brazilian state of Roraima, including the deputy head of the office, President Jair Bolsonara, who won the election thanks to a tough anti-corruption campaign, which he blamed for the corrupt practices of the previous government. The day after his arrest, the senator was temporarily deprived of his mandate by a decision of the Supreme Court. He may then lose his seat permanently if the Senate so decides.

“Police have a video of a personal search,” Judge Luis Roberto Barroso told Reuters about his decision to suspend Rodriguez. “Given the way the senator kept the money – he had it quite deep in his underwear – I will not publish these footage so as not to embarrass the public,” the judge added. The whole case is now widely and very maliciously discussed in the Brazilian media.

In his brief statement on the events, Rodrigues only confirmed the police intervention without much detail, using the wording that his house had been raided. He denied all allegations, saying he had always been clean in politics for 30 years.

Misuse of money to fight covid-19

His office did not respond to the agency’s inquiry into the cash found in his pants. The federal police also do not comment on the case. In a single statement, it merely stated that it was an intervention in the investigation into the misuse of Congress money intended to fight the covid in the state of Roraima.

But President Bolsonaro spoke. According to him, the police raid is proof that his government is fighting bribery. “There is no corruption in my government. We fight against corruption, whoever they are, “he told his supporters in front of his presidential residence.

But according to Reuters, Bolsonar’s fight against bribery is not the most successful. At the beginning of the year, his Justice Minister Sergio Moro, a hugely popular former judge who was known for his tough stance on corruption, resigned. He claimed that the president had tried to interfere in the police investigation to his advantage. Bolsonaro refused. In Rio de Janeiro, Bolsonar’s son is accused of corruption. Here, too, the president and his son reject all charges.


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