‘Dominic West and Lily James spotted on a plane kissing and hugging’ | Entertainment

entertainment“>”At first I thought she was his daughter because I knew he was around 50 and you could tell that she is a lot younger,” says an eyewitness. The Sun. “Within minutes of the plane taking off, they took off their mouth masks and began kissing and hugging.”

entertainment“>Daily Mail also published new photos of it on Sunday Dominic in Lily from the moment they were about to go home on Monday. The images show that they are checking in their luggage together at the airport in Rome, still unaware of the storm that was coming over them. Later on Monday, the much-discussed romantic photos were released showing 50-year-old Dominic and almost twenty years younger Lily in Rome together.

The Affair

entertainment“>The images hit like a bomb especially in Great Britain, especially given the ironic fact that Dominic played the lead in the series. The Affair. The actor celebrated his tenth wedding anniversary with his wife in June Catherine.

entertainment“>Dominic and Catherine announced on Tuesday that they are not yet giving up their marriage. “Our marriage is strong and we are still together,” the couple said without answering further questions from the influx of reporters and photographers. The two also handed out the brief statement on paper. Then they had themselves photographed kissing each other.

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