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The sale of “Al-Kabeer Oy” in a famous mall .. and Ahmed Makki submits a report

Thank you for your interest in this exclusive news about the sale of “Al Kabeer Oy” in a famous mall..Ahmed Makki is submitting a report

The agent of the Egyptian artist, Ahmed Makki, filed a complaint against a famous “commercial mall” in the Sheikh Zayed area, accusing him of violating his intellectual property rights, after the “store” sold and manufactured a commodity of unknown origin, which is a lantern with a picture of Makki from the series “The Great Oy”.

The communication accused the businessman, the owner of the mall, of commercially exploiting Makki’s name and selling Ramadan lanterns bearing his image.

Ahmed Makki’s lawyer said, “His client obtained a video clip from inside the mall, during which Ramadan lanterns were displayed with a picture of the star Ahmed Makki and written on it Al-Kabir Oi, and he also received a purchase invoice from the hyper for the lantern without Makki’s permission to use his name commercially. According to what was reported by the “Cairo 24” website.

The lawyer also indicated that the invoice proving the mall’s sale of the lantern was submitted, and the police inspected the lantern.

While the incident was classified as an economic misdemeanor and the crime of selling and manufacturing goods of unknown origin.

Disclaimer: This news was written by Al-Masry Al-Youm website, and it does not express the country’s point of view. Rather, it was transmitted with its content as it is.

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