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Creating a clean entrance that calls for blessings – Wedding 21 News

Spring is approaching, with the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer on the way home from work. And now is the time to shake off the laziness that has been wrapped up in the cold all winter and do a spring cleaning.

Introducing useful items that can thoroughly clean old grime all over the house that you put off because it was cold or because it was annoying.

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Photo / (Clockwise from top left) Aseptic spray ‘Sterilization Spray’, Pigeon ‘Moisture Zero’, aseptic spray ‘Drillpung’, aseptic spray ‘Bathroom Detergent’, Yuhan-Kimberly ‘Scart All-in-One Toilet Cleaning Brush’, Aseptic radish ‘floor cleaning’, clean-up ‘pattern coil mat’ (photo courtesy of each company)

A clean front door is a blessing!

The front door, where people come and go every day, is a space where cleaning and maintenance are easy to neglect compared to other parts of the house. It is a place where external contaminants are filtered out, and various kinds of dirt and dust often roll around.

However, as there is a saying, ‘a clean front door brings good luck’, it is the first place you come in contact with as soon as you enter the house. It is good to clean it every time, if not every day.

Cleaning the front door begins with arranging the messy shoes. It is convenient to wear winter shoes made of heavy materials such as fur or leather after applying disinfectant spray and putting them in the shoe closet, and taking out light sneakers and shoes that will be worn in the future.

Aseptic radish ‘sterilization spray’ contains 70% fermented alcohol extracted from corn and grains and sterilizes 99.9% of various harmful bacteria buried from the outside. Since it contains moisturizing ingredients, you can protect the surface and material of your shoes without worrying about the surface cracking after spraying.

The floor at the entrance inevitably gets a lot of dust and becomes dirty soon after returning from outdoor activities.

In particular, when it rains, the rainwater left on the shoes and umbrella often stays intact on the porch, leaving stains. Therefore, the entrance hall should be wiped with a dry rag after applying a disinfectant spray with excellent sterilization power.

The shoe rack next to the entrance is often humid because the door is closed except when shoes are put in or taken out, and mold and bacteria are easy to propagate due to dirt, sebum, and sweat on shoes.

Therefore, it is good to put dehumidifiers and newspapers that can remove moisture in the shoe cabinet. Pigeon ‘Humidity Zero’ prevents odor-causing bacteria and mold from growing in humid places and removes musty odors.

Above all, through the strong dehumidifying effect of calcium chloride that absorbs 14 times its own weight, it is possible to keep the inside of a damp shoebox dry.

The bathroom is the face of the house, it needs careful maintenance

If you don’t care a little bit, you should be especially careful in the bathroom where water stains and mold are used. Even if you clean regularly, you need to do a major bathroom cleaning once in a while.

In addition to wiping the area around the sink and toilet, if you clean the sink drain hole and the inside of the toilet, you can get rid of the smell of the drain and the accumulated grime.

‘Drillpung’ is a product that can pierce all the water in the house from the toilet, washbasin, floor drain, and sink without worrying about clogging.

If you pour 0.5 to 1 liter of ‘Drillpung’ and wait for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, the product strongly adsorbs to the inside of the toilet or drain pipe clogged with hair and various dirt, quickly and reliably dissolving the debris that causes odor. can be sprayed on to give a clean finish.

It also contains sodium silicate, a type of corrosion inhibitor, so you can use it without worrying about corrosion of metal pipes when using drain pipes.

Aseptic stains ‘Bathroom detergent’ can easily remove water stains and stubborn stains in a humid bathroom by simply spraying it on the contaminated area and then wiping it off.

It does not contain lacquer, so you can use it without worrying about the ingredients.

Yuhan-Kimberly’s ‘Scart All-in-one Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush’ is an item that can solve toilet cleaning at once. It is convenient and easy to clean every nook and cranny inside the toilet that is out of reach because you can throw it away in the toilet immediately after cleaning so that it is not uncomfortable or cumbersome to discard or reuse the scouring pad that wiped the inside of the toilet.

Let’s decorate the veranda to welcome the spring breeze

Like the entrance, the veranda, which is relatively neglected and neglected compared to the house, is connected to the outdoors, so a lot of germs and dust accumulate, but it is not cleaned as often as indoors, so it must be cleaned once it is cleaned.

Because the veranda is mainly used as a place to put flower pots, soil or leaves that have fallen from the pots sometimes make the window gaps and the floor messy.

If you have a pet, it is also important to take care of pet supplies, such as dog potty trays and potty pads, cat toilet sand, etc., provided on the veranda.

‘Floor cleaning’ for aseptic spray is 5 times more concentrated, enabling clean cleaning and eliminating even invisible harmful bacteria.

In particular, it is a pet-safe product to prevent the generation of harmful substances to the human body when lacquer comes in contact with pet excrement. It has a refreshing herbal scent that does not contain lacquer, so it does not cause headaches when cleaning and makes cleaning easy, so it is easy to manage and clean the veranda floor. excellent at doing

Cleanup ‘Pattern Coil Mat’ has recently been spotlighted as an optimal interior mat that can be installed instead of tiles on verandas. As an interior product that has passed the eco-friendly environmental hormone certification test, it can be used in various places where a mat is needed, such as at the entrance, outside terrace, office, and studio.

It is easy to clean with water and remove dust, and it cushions the hard floor and is non-slip, so you can use it with confidence even if you place pet supplies or flower pots.

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