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Colomiers. Hortense has just celebrated 100 years with her friends

Recently, two associations celebrated “their” centenary, Hortense Cazalé (née Castex), surrounded by her family and many friends.

The first round of this anniversary took place at the brasserie L’Airbus, with the Amicale des Anciens de la Communale (communal school of Colomiers). “Hortense has been a member of our Amicale since 1996”, recalls Simone Moumin, president. “She passed her Certificate of Studies at the age of 12 with Mademoiselle Lassus, her teacher!

His father cultivated vines where the swimming pool now stands. When the season came, we all went to harvest, the older ones training the younger ones! It ended with songs, dances, always around a hearty meal. So many good memories…

Hortense worked at the Sansus butcher’s shop (rue Gilet, near the church). To supply this butcher during the Second World War, she went almost every day on a moped to the Halles de Toulouse. Today, still very elegant and dynamic, she simply gave up driving only a few months ago, but she lives alone and walks without a cane!

A few days later, with the Colomiers Accueil association, Hortense found 80 friends who also celebrated her very worthily, Satgé room.

“Hortense was born in Colomiers, in the family home (now demolished), next to the Place de la Bascule”, recalls Évelyne Guilloteau, president. “In our most distant archives, I have not found the date of her first membership, but what is certain is that she created the Scrabble activity in 1993 and animated it for a long time, before pass the torch. She was still playing there until last year, and now plays Rummikub every Friday afternoon. She’s a formidable player who doesn’t like to lose! At home, she does a lot of crossword puzzle. In another vein, one of her culinary specialties, the camembert tart, was very popular during shared meals at Colomiers Accueil. She even promised to make me one!”.

Hortense is not the first centenarian of her family since her brother Jean Castex, very invested in Colomiers and holder as such of the medal of honor of the City, died in 2012, less than 3 months before his 102nd birthday. On the other hand, her twin sister Marie-Louise died at 64 and Hortense still has tears in her eyes when she talks about it.

“To his surprise, a delegation from the city council led by the Mayor came to wish him a happy birthday,” says Evelyne Guilloteau, president of Colomiers Accueil. “She was surprised to be so much in the spotlight and told me” wanting to get into a mouse hole “. That said, Hortense is a very endearing person, but who does not let herself be pushed around , still today! She lives alone and is completely independent. She has no cleaning lady or carer. Her daughter Paulette, who of course accompanied her for this beautiful event, also watches over her… an attentive neighbour. But she makes a point of specifying, with a lot of humor and a bit of mischief, “he’s only my neighbour, there’s nothing between us!”

Exceptional Hortense, lively, physically and mentally alert, playful, endowed with solid common sense and a humor that has lost none of its relevance.

A family of centenarians

M.-P. V.

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