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The Russian Foreign Ministry doubted the completion of the “denazification” of Germany

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Maria Zakharova

According to Zakharova, in this way “the FRG is calling on the ghosts of not a cold war, but the very hot war.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the supply of arms by Germany to Ukraine makes one wonder how the process of denazification was completed in Germany itself. This was stated by the speaker of the department Maria Zakharova, writes Interfax.

“By this decision, the FRG is calling on the ghosts of no longer a cold, but the most “hot” war. Too many sad associations are caused by the prospect of further “military” pumping of Kyiv from Berlin, which, moreover, apparently does not give itself report that in the current situation, the delivered weapons can easily become the prey of neo-Nazis, terrorists and marauders on Ukrainian territory,” she said.

Zakharova called Germany’s assistance to Ukraine “an outrageous gesture that is justified by Ukraine’s struggle for its freedom and independence, as well as the threat that the Russian Federation poses to European security.”

“The supply of weapons to the ideological heirs of the Nazi accomplice S. Bandera makes us, willy-nilly, ask a rhetorical question – how comprehensive and complete was the process of denazification in Germany itself after the defeat in World War II? In this context, now, alas, the devaluing remarks of O. Scholz, who, during the Munich Conference on Security Policy on February 18, 2022, declared “ridiculous” the revealed facts of the genocide of the civilian population of Donbass by the Ukrainian military,” Zakharova added.

Recall that earlier NATO stated that continue to supply weapons to Ukraine.

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