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– Published on 04/04/2020, 02:31
– By Yoann L.

After the huge success of the Resident Evil 2 remake released last year, no one was really surprised by the announcement of the remake of the third installment. At the time, this episode was very different from his year. Indeed, the software was oriented more on the action than on the survival-horror side. There were more enemies zigouiller, much more devastating weapons and the streets of Racoon City were our playground But what especially marked the minds of the players in 1999 has a name: NEMESIS! 21 years later, everyone still remembers the famous STAAAAAAARS. Even if the software offered another experience, this third installment was an episode very appreciated by the fans. Capcom therefore knew that he had no right to make mistakes because the craze around this game is more than mythical! Until we offer you a complete review including the multiplayer experience, we invite you to discover our verdict after having survived this hell in solo. And you might as well say that the game has fra (Jill) its

Let me see what’s in your stomach!

One thing we cannot fault this Resident Evil 3 for is clearly its graphics engine. Capcom reused the RE Engine while enhancing it. The game is still running at 60 FPS and no drop in frame rate is reported. The character modeling is more than impressive, the visual effects of light and fire have been reviewed. The same goes for the city of Racoon City, which is blatantly realistic thanks to its revisited atmosphere. The environment is full of details. Early fans will be delighted to rediscover a Racoon City rising from the ashes. Unfortunately, once the second part of the game, we notice that the environment has not undergone the same treatment, with the added bonus of a (big?) Air of dj-vu. Capcom did not hesitate to reuse environments or even part of the level design of the remake of Resident Evil 2, when at the time, the original version was rather diverse. Alas, speaking of diversity, we note that certain important places have simply been removed, in particular the belfry and its surroundings which have been replaced by a hospital. The same goes for the scenario which modifies a few passages, to the point of shooting towards the B Series while we were treading the nanar. In addition, there are a few dilated winks which are welcome, in particular to make the link with the previous remake.

It’s not just the environment that has undergone a facelift. Suffice to say that for some characters the surgery did not have only good sides. The character design of Nemesis is, on the whole, rather faithful during the first third of the game. It is very imposing and it always releases this feeling of insecurity. When the second part of the game arrives, fans of the first hour may be put off by the change in character design. It is far from bad but it is not at all true to the original. We welcome the risk-taking but it will not be unanimous. At the time, Carlos, despite his Hispanic name, looked more like a G.I. than anything else. With this remake Capcom has rectified the situation by giving more credibility and sympathy to this character. Some secondary characters have been better highlighted while others have completely disappeared. As for Jill Valentine, lhrone of this opus, his character design has worked well with the graphics engine. This time, Capcom has modified the model Sasha Zotova Suffice to say that players will have trouble identifying this new face, especially since the actress Julia Voth has been the official face of Jill since 2002

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For the few types of enemies we will come across in the game, Capcom has opted for recycling. Indeed the basic zombies are exactly the same as in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Certainly the game takes place before and after the events of the 2 but that does not forgive the lack of diversity in the design of the zombies. In addition, the bestiary has been alleviated by certain iconic enemies (spiders, worms, crows, etc.) to make way for new types of enemies strongly inspired by those of Resident Evil 4 and Revelations. What create a temporal paradox! In addition, the physics linked to bullet impacts has been revised down compared to the second installment. The damage is less impressive. Except when it comes to the head, the dismemberments are rare and less gory than before.

Still, the game did not blush regarding its animations which are in line with the RE2 Remake. Jill is much less rigid than Lon and Clair, the movements are more realistic despite a small recurrent flaw in jerking that we see at the level of enemies who are far from us. In terms of cinematics, Capcom has released the big game. Many spectacular scenes support the action side of the software, with the bonus of an impeccable staging and ideas rather panties, including the intro which is our eyes the best of the whole saga . Good news for the soundtrack, Capcom does not take us out a second time the wallet, the LOST so free. It must also be said that the latter is almost nonexistent. It is very rare and does not make an impression. We still salute the music in the backup room. If you do not make a noise, you will hear in the background the official music of the backup rooms present since the first Resident Evil. Regarding dubbing, the game is entirely localized in French. On the whole it is really correct, except for Jill’s voice which seems very close to that of Clair. As for Sound Design, there is nothing to complain about. It is in line with that of the previous remake. The sound spatialization is really stunning, reinforcing the immersion. In short, this level is just enjoyable.

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Survival Action

Suffice to say that there is no upheaval in the action / survival aspect. We find elements integrated into 2 (bag, shortcut for the inventory …) and some new features have appeared, including one that we were all waiting for We are talking about the arrival of the dodge! Be careful however, it will take you a little while to understand it well because once in three, even by placing the movement well, you will not prevent the enemy from catching you. QTEs have also appeared. Many, the latter bring dynamism during certain sequences. Strangely in this opus, one can no longer defend oneself with the knife or a grenade if an enemy catches us because the latter are considered as weapons of attack and not of defense. To do this, you must press the A button like crazy to come to the end of an enemy. With more nervous gunfights and action scenes in line with those of a Resident Evil 4, you might as well say that the Survival Horror aspect has given way to Survival Action. This is not a fault since the original game had already taken this direction at the time.

On the other hand, the big black point of this Remake is the loss of the nigmas. This RE3 Remake has none while the 1999 version was filled. This brought a tasty mixture between action and nigmas. Another disappointment, the appearances of the Nemesis, impressive during the first run, show their limits from the second. On closer inspection, one notices that there are few and scripted, whereas in the original, it appeared at any time, which brought additional stress! Despite this, it must be recognized that boss fights are generally a success, the Nemesis having several tricks in its bag! However the game does not include any scene during which the player will feel in a sense of urgency or fear, what his year and the original were able to establish

Content as empty as a Zombie’s brain

Well, let’s not take four paths, the lifespan is ridiculous. We finished the first run in normal (while taking our time) in less than 4 hours and the Hardcore mode in less than 5 hours. Suffice to say that if you want to make your purchase profitable (and again) we can only advise you to start directly in Hardcore. Fear not, the game is incredibly easy, when at the time it was rather demanding! Between automatic backups and the disappearance of the ribbons in Hardcore, the game does not show much resistance. When you finish Hardcore mode, you unlock a new difficulty mode called Nightmare. In the latter, certain enemies and objects are no longer in the same place. Count a good four hours to come to grips with it, the difficulty not being very high, except for the last boss who requires a certain mastery. Once this mode is completed, a nime difficulty mode will be available to you. We leave you with the surprise of the discovery. However, do not expect to unlock the famous Mercenary mode which had appeared in the 1999 version It’s a shame! Unlike the Remake of 2, there is also no Bis scenario to get your teeth into. So you just have to redo the game 4 or 5 times to unlock points by achieving challenges (example kill 200 enemies with a shotgun ) in order to unlock very useful and even eccentric objects in the shop located in the main menu. It unlocks at the end of the first run.

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The last word of Yoann / kyl3rs95 // A beautiful remake that has lost its consistency

You will understand through this report from S.T.A.R.S, although this Resident Evil 3 is a good action game, there is nonetheless a disappointment in terms of the remake. There are several reasons for this, starting with a family lifespan (less than 4 hours for a first run), the absence of additional mode to unlock, beyond higher difficulty levels, by the absence of certain important passages from the original and by the absence full of puzzles. Add that the new character design of Jill which could well divide the fans, an impressive but more scripted Nemesis, the absence of certain iconic enemies, zombies and other recycled elements for the environment, and you will understand that Capcom seems to have brought less care to this remake than that of the second part. Still, the developers did not make fun of us as they added a system of which, adding challenges to the store, disseminated many winks dil to the remake of RE2, boss remarkably on the Sound Design and made a flawless copy in this which concerns the visuals or the atmosphere. The graphics engine definitely works miracles. What we regret is that it finally took so long to release a RE 2.5 Remake, more than a real remake of the third opus The fault in the development of the multiplayer? This is what we will see very soon


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