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Following tips from neighbors, the police entered a building just after midnight not far from the police station in Greenland in central Oslo.

First, a football party with 22 participants was interrupted. The police describe it as a private event in a kind of clubhouse where a football match was shown.

All 22 were reported for violating the infection control rules.

Operations leader Line Skott in the Oslo police district tells NTB that there may be more of us at the party.

– What this is, we have not been able to clarify completely. It is very probable that there were more people present than these 22, but many were standing outside in a doorway when we arrived, says Skott.

Shortly afterwards, the police discovered another party in another rental room in the same upstairs in the same town hall.

There were about 23 people present. They were also reported for violations of the infection control rules, the operations center reports.

Rental premises

Both cities look like rental premises that are separate and independent of each other, according to the police.

– But the premises are crowded, so here people have a close seat. In one of the towns, food and drink were sold, without a serving license, so here we will contact the Business Administration in the municipality, says the operations leader.

There was no rare alcohol at the two events.

More parties in other cities

In Mosjøen in Nordland, the police broke up a private party with 12 participants at two o’clock last night.

Several other towns, including in Kristiansand, Tvedestrand and Honningsvåg, have the police at private parties and ask people to calm down. The police have not stated whether any of these parties have been in breach of the infection control rules.

Several towns have the police and controlled bars, among others in Narvik and Mosjøen, with regard to the infection control rules. In both cities, the police have made remarks, especially on how many guests were present in the premises.

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