Order Taxi enters Zaragoza through Radio Taxi Aragon

Order Taxi enters Zaragoza through Radio Taxi Aragon

The Pide Taxi app will start operating next Thursday in Zaragoza to make the service easier for customers.

PideTaxi is a project 100% of the taxi union, launched by the Association of Radio Taxi of Spain (ARTE) unlike other applications in this sector, which are owned by companies or large international transport multinationals.

The application reaches Zaragoza through Radio Taxi Aragon, since in each city in which it is implemented there is a local company for its management.

The objective of the application, which will begin to be operational this Thursday, February 27 in the Aragonese capital, is to facilitate its use by tourists or users who already use it in other cities.

The application can be downloaded for free and is available for Android and Apple media.

Once the vehicle has been requested, the application offers a route tracking system on the map, through which the client will know at all times the location of the taxi and the route it takes.

The app has other functions. For example, the customer can know which vehicle will perform the service, including the license number, calculate the price of the journey in advance and manage the business services for subscribers.

For the convenience of users, payment can be made with PayPal, credit card or cash.

PideTaxi already operates in 97 cities throughout Spain and has a fleet of more than 18,000 vehicles throughout Spain.

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Order Taxi enters Zaragoza through Radio Taxi Aragon

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